Friday, 22 May 2009

K4 4EVA!.......and beyond

Listening to the new K4 Format 09 whilst cooking lunch....
Yesterday in our favorite basement, there was an official launch of Format 09, live presentation and an exhibition A designers view, as part of the 20 year anniversary celebration of K4 club.
Well done, dear young slovenian producers! I am very satisfied with your work on this "Plata" and extremely happy with the direction you choose to follow.
And above all, proud to be part of this basement urban tribe.
Also sorry to hear that Mikec and Nina are leaving the headquarters of K4, but they were reassuring me last night that they will still keep an eye on the club. I was afraid that K4 might be turned now into a new KMÅ , or some other disaster clubs with lets-get-really-fucked-up-and-wasted-on-cheap-beer-and-horror-tasteless-cheasy-music. But luckilly this is not the case.
I give them all the credits for succesful 5 years. I can't really see anyone as a good replacement for Mik, but...changes are always good. Fresh breeze.
Dear K4, happy anniversary!
I wish you to be rocking many many decades more, I wish you silver, gold and diamond anniversary too. I wish by the time diamond anniversary hits the calendar, I will be well botoxed, tuned up, to still have the legs for wearing hot pants and red lipstick and still dance in the pool. In tha club pool. Oooh yeah!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Gosh everyone here wants your pieces, fantastic stuff!!!

That's the respond I got yesterday from Stefan, the Not Just A Label team member.
Last week I sent them 5 of my most extravagant outfits, which will take part in THE SHOP.

NJAL is the leading online platform for emerging graduates and design talents with more than a thousand fashion designers from over 40 countries. THE SHOP is a new online initiative which will be launched on May 28th and will offer one-off pieces from designers like Ute Ploier, Anna Aichinger, Husam El Odeh and many others.

The first to host THE SHOP is Robin Schulie, head-buyer of Maria Luisa store in Paris and Unit F, the Austrian Association for Contemporary fashion.

DIANE PERNET will be the sites host in July! Every month another leading industry figure will host NJAL.

THE SHOP will launch on the 28th May together with the 9 festival for fashion & photography in Vienna, initiated and organised by Unit F buro fur mode.

I must say, my dream to meet Diane Pernet, my personal idol, is slowly coming to an end. It's becoming reality.

Plus, did I mention that Dazed and Confused and other major fashion magazines are covering this project?

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Monday, 4 May 2009

Delicious hunting trip and dinner with my flatmates

Fresh from "njiva" straight to our mouths.... tonight wok style. Tomorrow who knows....