Wednesday, 31 December 2008

NYE REUNION @ DP'S&mushi's

That was last years decadence... I wonder what will happen this year?;)

Monday, 29 December 2008

Big thank you to my crew!

I woke up half dead today and I am still fighting against catching a huge cold. Or, I would rather say, pneumonia.
Shooting at Kras while the wind blows 27km/h (although it was super sunny, not even a single cloud), is not really a sensible thing to do. Probably we will never repeat it again. It is suicidal. And I know now why people put rocks on the roofs of their houses in Vipava valley.
I want to thank Ali, my goddess, for her bravery to endure the impossible conditions. She's something special, she truly is.
Mushi, our location manager, for putting up with us girls, driving us around...
Martica, for her unstoppable energy and a bottle of Jaegermeister.:)
Tinka, for other goodies ;)) and volvo creativeness...
Love you guys!
Promise will leave you alone untill summer collection.;)

photo: Marta Lamovšek, clothes&styling: DP, makeup&hair: Tinka Pobalinka, model: Ali the
Marketa, assistant&location manager:Erik Vidmar

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Happy birthday, Pikica

Pikica is my special special friend, an angel with a squirrel alter ego who lives (still) in garlic kingdom. ;)
We shared and collected nuts many times, we took part in the craziest journey of our single days (went for a week, came back after 2 months, and in between...I better keep it to ourselves!;), we spent many nights naked and sweaty (well, she was, mostly while ironing,heheh) in my nest.....
So many great moments, also some not so great, but overall I just want to say:
I love you, darling, and I am really happy to have you in my life!!!
Knowing that you will be reading these lines, I will anounce that I already have a present for you!
See you tomorrow.

horoscope design: DP

DP's fanclub on the way to Ljubljana...

It's always very flattering when people who I don't know, make an effort to contact me and tell me that they really like my work.
For example, I have a fan from Brussels, Tanja, who has found me through Marta's blog a while ago. She's sent me an e-mail and my first impression was that she's a slightly conservative business woman. Then we found each other on facebook, and finally I had the opportunity to see how my misterious fan looks like. She looks gorgeous, and according to her photos, she's a real party animal. (all her photos on facebook were party photos, heheh, I thought; yes, she is one of us!)
Then she came to Slovenia and finally we met. She said to me: Davorka, conservative business women are just not your clients!! Damn, she's so right!;)
We clicked imediately, laughed like crazy from the very first moment, and I believe we have started a nice friendship, not just customer/designer relationship.
This very moment she's sent me a message she's coming to see me, we're meeting on tuesday, first thing in the morning. Soya latte in my favourite coffee place, and THEN, my dear readers, I'm taking her to my textile heaven!!!! We will be rolling together in kilometers of ultra-fancy wool, silk, feathers and lace...mmmmm... my favourite game!!
I know tuesday it will be ab fab, pure exctasy rush!;) Can't wait!

Saturday, 27 December 2008

The Glamour Goddess

At the end of each year there's a list of Red carpet- best dressed celebrities. This years people talk about Angelina, Charlize, Gwyneth, but I have only one name to say. And I think this name will be on the tip of my tounge for many many years to come...
Dita Von Teese.

Before the screening of "The Exchange" at the 61st Cannes Film Festival

The back of her wacky mermaid dress

For some girls, red is the only color for nails or lipstick.

"I'm not really interested in being on the best-dressed list. I like to be on the worst dressed too. It's a fantastic place to be, and I'm in good company if I'm there. I think they know the adventure of dressing, and I'm not concerned about what's going to make me be considered fashionable. The people I admire, such as John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier, are eccentrics. And they aren't trying to be like everyone else. We have a lot in common that way, and we know that what makes us different is what makes us good."

From her wedding with Marilyn Manson

A Playboy legend, queen of burlesque, a fetish and pin up model, an haute couture muse of many designers... Her unique taste and affinity for old-style lingerie are hard to ignore and, consequently, she has cultivated a huge following on the Internet and is in demand for several high-class gentleman's functions.

She never uses a styliste, she does her own make-up and dyes her naturally blonde hair black at home.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Google Analytics

When I created this blog, the first thing that Piki (my web & social media guru) has said was: Now you need to create your Google Analytics account. ( I admit, I didn't have a clue what he was talking about;)
And I discovered the whole new world again. I've realized that I underestimated the power of the internet, because only after a day I already had readers from Argentina,US, China, and most european countries. I've also realized that I can track down my friends and readers.
For example, I can follow my hubby dear, Kate, who's currently traveling through Australia. I can see her route day by day almost. I had two visits on my blog in Brisbane, then Sydney, now I see two visits in Melbourne, where I know she's gonna be with her family. ( Dear hubby, I expect at least a comment now, if not the full report via gmail. I want to know if you're wearing your pink sandals and your DP summer collection;))
Then I have lots of visits from Birmingham which means it must be Manca. Luxembourg, where Lili lives.... heheh
Funny thing, ey?

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Home for Christmas

I'm leaving in a couple of hours... Croatia. Family. Mum's delicious traditional cuisine. Wine. Presents under the tree. Home.

photo: Geoff Barrenger

Monday, 22 December 2008

Oh my god!

I'm in love with this photographer. Eugenio Recuenco.
Thank you thank you thank you Neli for revealing him.

The other the luxury shop

I bought myself a 10 cm long strip of black feathers. I couldn't afford more. I don't know what I will do with it. Yet. But I had to have it.
Some people have soft spot for shoes. Some for perfumes. The other for cocaine. Or cars. Or the antiques...
For me, it is the ultra-expensive fabrics. I would rather stay hungry (mind you, good food is my other addiction..) than without the new Zegna wool.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Today I'm working

I use this fabulous sunny day to stay home and work on the new covers for Neli's D-bag.
All my unique hand-printed covers were sold out, so I better make new ones before Christmas.
Lately I'm into Black on black screen-prints, but I might surprize you again. ;))
You can buy my covers, Neli's bags and my clothes at Trgovina Ika.

textile graphic: DP

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Gorgeous Svetlana Shaykhoun wears DP

Yes, in the new Story editorial/interview (gossip magazine, but why the hell not?).
Next to Ali the Marketa, she's the second model I want to work with, and look what happened.
She looks absolutely yummie (although it's not really Vogue Italy, if you know what I mean), and I hope I will have more opportunities for collaboration with Svetlana.
And a big thank you to miss Nina Jagodic.


One of my all time favourite places in Ljubljana, since I moved here 8 years ago, is still the central market- Tržnica. It is my saturday morning routine, even if I party hard and get totally wasted, I still drag myself out of bed and go.
The first stop on the way there is coffee at Kafetino. I am totally addicted to their Santo Domingo and Guatemala soya latte, and again this is the place I am completely loyal to. I don't bother going somewhere else, because this is it, people. The best coffee in town!
Even my Italian journalist friends from GQ Italy, who I invited there, said, I quote:"Oh my god, the coffee here is better than in Italy!"
I think this is the best refference you could possibly get.
The best thing about the market is the personal contact with the old grandma's and unkles who sell their homemade products. I have my own vegetable striček, cheese lady from Pustotnik kmetija, grandpa from Štajerska who sells apples ( he's really old and often bad at acurate calculation, but so adorable, that somehow, I always manage to buy more apples than I thought;), young guy who sells the yummiest bread ( his knickname given by me and my friend is Curly Sue), and so on..
We chat abouth the weather, about the sale, we joke about the politics, and on the end I get free carrots or beetroots. How lovely is that?
Today I will be making my famous kale pie and additional spinach pie for Mushi. Mmmmm!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Russian almanach

The ageing effect is amazing. I totally love this photo. Now I am off to bed.

photographer: Paolo Roversi
Vogue Italy 1997

Warrior princess

I love the make up on the model. It looks like a warpaint but actually it is a piece sign.

photo: Yossi Michaeli

No party for me tonight

I'm officially wasted... ;))
I'll be a good girl and stay at home. And write a blog.

photo: Steven Meisel

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Danas sam luda

Dan se je začel fantastično. Z Miss Guy Bourdin sva naredili še eden huge korak naprej, mislim da je čas za proslavljanje... Nocoj z Lee Coombs!;)
Poleg tega sva srečali svojo Muzo in ga takoj zasuli z lupčki in future plani. Srečanje z Muzo je vedno užitek. Ker ti da krila. ;))
Poleg Muze, sva srečali tudi Manco Košir. Manca je moja zaveznica in PR odkar sem najela njeno vnukinjo in baletko Tajo za manekenko na svoji reviji Vojaki in Vdove. No, lahko rečem da je kar cela Koširjeva banda na moji strani. Mislim da nihče ni tako kričal in navijal na reviji kot one. Sem enako navdušena nad njimi. V družbi Koširk, mi gre vedno na smeh. Tako močna ženska energija, toliko srčnosti. Like champagne bubbles in a glass!
Pri Manci mi je všeč to, da se kljub temu, da ima celo knjižnico v glavi, izraža tako preprosto, čisto po domače. Poleg tega pa izgleda superfantastično in vsaj 20 let mlajša.
V prihodnosti bom naredila eno kolekcijo za starejše dame, na kateri bo glavna zvezda Manca Košir.
Anyway, z Manco sva že skoraj kričali sred Stare Ljubljane, jaz sem bla čist preveč excited zaradi vsega kar se je zgodilo čez dan, ona pa je tut morala povedati da me je prehvalila v ta novi Modni Jani.
Heheh, seveda sem takoj zatem šla v trafiko.

photo: Marta Lamovšek, clothes&styling: DP, makeup: Tinka Pobalinka, models: Ali the Marketa, Emulgator, assistant & location manager: Erik Vidmar

A journey to the unknown...

..has began.... Slowly. But persistently.....Towards the New Era. The era of Passion.

photo: Geoff Barrenger

In the science classroom

Editorial: Elle Italy
Issue: November 2008
photography: Ruven Afanador
Model: Kemp Muhl

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

MartaL & DP Exhibition

Yes, it's happening!
Today we took the first big step towards towards our exhibition and its looking very promising. I won't be sharing the details with you....Yet.
All I can say is that the creative stones are rolling and they are looking unstoppable...

Photo: Marta Lamovšek, clothes&styling: DP, makeup: Tinka Pobalinka, model: Ali the Marketa, assistant&location manager: Erik Vidmar

Aitor Throup

He is a rising star in the world of fashion. Well, I should correct myself: He IS a big star!
He's all over Dazed and Confused Mag, this month he's all over Japan.
I have actually met Aitor at ITS #5 ( International Talent Support). This is the most influential and prestigious competition for fashion designers in the world.
I am very proud that I made it into the finals, because it was the biggest recognition I could possibly get. ( In Slovenia I only get recognition from the yellow press, who write mostly about slovenian celebrities who appeared at my shows and what they wore, while the so called fashion experts sniff the white powder and serve drinks on the international flights..)
Anyway, I worked really hard for around 6 months on my portfolio and on my collection.
From among 950 portfolios from all around the globe, I was chosen along with 19 others to present myself at the final fashion parade. Most of the finalists were from only 3 schools: Royal College, Central St. Martins and Antwerp. I will say also that the jury was composed of people like the head of Galliano's design studio, creative director of Diesel, and so on... as you can see, they were experts in the fashion field, not some kmetje.
Aitor happened to arrive on the spot just after me. He started to unpack his collection and put it on the rack and when I saw his clothes....Its hard to explain how I felt. I knew he was the winner!!
And he did win.
His collection was simply amazing, fresh, well made, innovative, wearable and smart. "When hooligans become hindu gods" was the title of the collection.
I must mention the fact that Aitor was also an extremely good looking (argentinian origin) guy ( straight even, can you imagine), and a very simple, accessible person.
Actually all of the finalists were like that. No ego-tripping, no negative energy.. They knew why they were there, they felt no need to show off, or to look at someone with envy. It was a pleasure to spend 4 days with them in Italy.
This experience of ITS5 made me think a lot afterwards, gave me the hope, the confirmation that I am as good as the world class designers. That one day I will end up somewhere I belong. That I will make it as well. Abroad.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

D & M Team -Work

Today Marta and I had an interview for It will be pusblished at the end of this week.
It was quite fun, although I kept jumping into Marta's words ( I had so much to say, I remembered many things I forgot to mention when I spoke ). Sorry Martica. And thanks for pointing it out afterwards..:)
But we turned out to be a good team at the end. Bubbles all the way...
Of course. How could it be otherwise?:)

Diary of a MAD housewife

I just love when there's humor in fashion photography. The little diary notes in the corners of each picture are my favourite detail. And the naked bums...;)

photography: David LaChapelle
model: Gisele

Monday, 15 December 2008

Yelena Yemchuk

I am completely carried away by this photographer from Ukraine. I've been checking her work for the last two days, spent many hours on the internet and still can't stop.
Not just that she's an excellent photographer but also a fantastic painter. And a very good looking woman.
Please, do check her out.

Prišel je čas za slovenski post

Po enem tednu pisanja bloga so se zaceli oglašati raznorazni anonimneži z zlobnimi komentarji.
Danes, na primer, je priletel eden v stilu da nisem slovenska oblikovalka in zato (če sem dobro razumela) ne bi smela prodajati svojh izdelkov v trgovini specializirani za slovenske oblikovalce.
Moram povedati, da me blazno iritirajo taki osebki ki kot prvo, nimajo jajc da bi se podpisali in stali za svojimi besedami. (vedno je lažje kritizirati, žaliti nekoga anonimen, of course). Zato pišem svoj blog pod svojim imenom in priimkom, ker imam svoje mnenje o stvareh in se ne mislim skrivati .

Druga stvar ki me blazno iritira je pa to da se taki osebki niti ne pozanimajo o tem o čem mislijo pisati oz kritizirati in izpadejo totalni bebci. Da o konstruktivni kritiki sploh ne govorim.
Na primer, tale anonimnež ne ve da sem aprila 2007 dobila slovensko državljanstvo (which technically give's me the full right to sell there). Drugače pa, v tej trgovini prodajajo moje stvari primarno zaradi KVALITETE in ne slovenskega izvora.
Kar ne pomeni da se ne počutim kot Slovenka. Se, in to zelo! ;)) Kar ne pomeni, da se ne počutim več kot Hrvatica. Se, še vedno! ;))
Lahko omenim samo to da sem se za svoj slovenski potni list borila 2 leti z birokracijo in 8 let življenja pred tem. In da sem dobila ta potni list brez kakršnikolih vez in poznanstev, striktno zaradi svojega trdega dela in vztrajnosti. And that makes me a really proud Slovenian.

The narcissistic orientation is one in which one experiences as real only that which exists within oneself, while the phenomena in the outside world have no reality in themsleves, but are experienced only from the viewpoint of their being useful or dangerous to one. The opposite pole to narcissism is objectivity; it is the faculty to see people and things as they are, objectively, and to be able to separate this objective picture from a picture which is formed by one's desires and fears."
Erich Fromm. The Art of Loving

Slika: Hercules rescuing the Muse of Painting from Ignorance and Envy,
Andries Cornelis Lens, 1737

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Delightfully slutty or...?

It all looks like a gang rape in the woods to me... or the guys picked up already wasted girls and fucked them up more and took pictures. ;)
I like the idea and i like the technique-is this a night vision photography? Infrared? (Marta, I expect a comment from you soon;))
These photos make me feel a bit weird, slightly unpleasent, but on the other hand I can't take my eyes of it.. Interesting....
I looked up in the dictionary what "dogging" means:
In 'dogging' both women and men go out into public areas to have sex with the people their with, or do sexual acts, so that other people can watch/join in.

Magazine: V
Issue: November/December 2008
Models: Daul Kim, Anna Selezenva, Anna Maria Jagodzinska, Iris Strubegger, Natalia Chebanenko, Alban Blondiaux, Callum Turner, Daran Bunch, Jeremy Simpson, Rory Greer, Stephen Mabry, Tyler Riggs
Photographer: Steven Meisel