Friday, 27 February 2009

Finally......I popped!

Here it is. It's been printed today. Fresh and tasty. The first two layouts, for your eyes only, my dear readers.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Friday, 20 February 2009

Stuffed Crap-fish with vagina flavour or how we created the Into spring decadence...

My fingers were itchy for the whole week. This flyer will, as usual, circulate around facebook and other social networks, which is why I posted the making of by BOCVANA, our official work in progress photographer (now this sounds very important:)).
The result is playful and colorful and it smells like, may I say, spring decadence?

Without Mushi, the set designer/practical male brain, it would either never happen or take much longer...:)
Two fashion muses discussing vagina flavour and relevant topics...

Cannot decide which outfit goes with my eyeshadow...

And the final result....Photography Marta Lamovšek, styling Davorka Požgan, make up Tinka Pobalinka, models Ali The Marketa, Saša Omerović, Emulgator & the Crap-Fish & rubber chicken, set designer Erik Vidmar, flyer design Nina Vrhovec.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Čutim pomlad

Stunning beauty and love....

photo: Tim Walker

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Every year is the same story. It always gets me unprepared. I have great plans and ideas about my fabulous, custom- made designer costume for carneval, but as I said before... it's the kovačeva kobila thing.:)
Last year I was busy working on this outfit for Miss NinaO. I finished it just before going out.

Which left me with no time to do mine. But creative girls don't need much. I gathered the leftovers, little scraps of her dress and sew them onto a pair of stalkings. And off I go to K4. When people asked me: So what are you? I said: I'm Nina Osenar's leftover! Here's the result of my creativity.

This year I will not be working for anyone. I will be dipping my arse in sauna with Mushi. Thank god.
photo: Luka Novak, MartaL

Saturday, 14 February 2009

The amazing friday the 13th

The photoshooting for Intosomething flyer yesterday was really cool. We spent 8 hours of work which included scenography (with all the possible improvisations), heavy make-up for 3 models (which took many hours) and styling for the legless creature and the lollipop poodle. And lots of fun.
It also included belgian chocolate truffles, green teas and a light, healthy, creative lunch for the whole crew. (the designer herself went hunting for food to Maximarket in between the make up sessions)
We did a great job.
Later on, Mushi, Marta and I had the most amazing night in K4. It wasn't the music this time.
It's been a while since Marta and I went out together (now we're working ho's :), but this will be the night to remember. For the rest of our life. We had a bonding session throughout the night and it is hard to describe with words what happened. Martica, can you explain? :)
I am running out of words....

P.S. Martica, happy birthday! Will kiss you tomorrow:)

Kate has left Slovenia

My dearest hubby dear is now already in Australia. I still cannot believe that she's left for good. My mind keeps thinking that she went on a tour and she'll come back after a couple of weeks.
It was difficult to say goodbye. Both of us were sobbing like crazy...
Darling, I know you will check my blog eventually so I want you to know that I love you and I hope I will see you again somewhere in the near future. But untill then, please, follow your heart and do only things that make you feel happy and, please, stay in control over your obsessions (whether with humans or not).:)
You will always have a special place in my heart.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Today I am off

Having a blast with the most colourful people in the country. The most colourful photoshoot for K4's Intosomething party flyer.
photo: Miles Aldridge

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

DP goes Bitola Fashion Week?

Yes, I have been invited to show my Widows & Soldiers collection as a guest designer at Fashion Week in Bitola ( that's in the south of Macedonia, my dear readers;)). It sounds ( almost) surreal. But according to my last years crazy Easter-time road-tripping experience to Skopje, it is worth going there, if nothing else, for the pure entertainment. I went there with Mushi and a good friend of mine, who happened to fall in love with a Macedonian guy and had some unresolved love issues with him which we decided she needed to solve immediately. The journey started right after a sleepless -night- partying -experience in K4. But the universe decided to expose our little expedition to various temptations and, may I even say danger?! :)
The start of our journey was already very promising. It was snowing heavily.We almost had a car crash but continued safely thanks to Mushi's driving skills and, hell yeah, volvo's strength.
Being in Skopje was an excellent experience. People are lovely, friendly, warm, super-hospitable. They're poor but they would give you everything. A guest in a macedonian family is treated like a king, as they put up a whole wedding-like dinner party. I will never forget those yummie dolmas, lamb roasts, homemade breads and other delicious food.
The most exotic part of Skopje for me was definitely the garbage. Will I offend anyone if I say that this is tipical of the Balkans, the more south you go, the less environmentally aware they are? The amount of trash I saw down there...wheeeehoooo!
I experienced also horses galloping along the city boulevards, along with a cart full of Gipsies. Well Gipsies were pretty much everywhere, they would try to sell you shit on every corner, or beg for money. For those who don't know, a little more south from Skopje is located Šutka, the biggest Gipsy ghetto/town (the place where Kusturica puts up auditions for his movies).
Not to mention the old bazaar on the albanian part of the city. Stashes of tasteless kitschy clothes from the early 80's made in turkish sweat shops, sold under Dior name??!!
Plenty of Couture shock for a fashion designer. :)
Traveling back to Slovenia was another exotic story. On the border with Serbia all gets complicated. The Serbs didn't want to let us through because we didn't have a green card. What fucking green card? The custom guy says: Well, you must pay 160 euros and we'll give you a one way permit. Oh yeah, here we are. They wanted to earn a bit of money. But we couldn't get the money because they don't have ATM mashines, or a bank or exchange office. ( They even don't have computers. They write all their permits by hand). We had to go back into Macedonia, driving for half an hour to the next biggest town (Kumanovo) to find a bank or ATM. It took us a couple of hours to find it. In between I saw more of the "Dior" shops along the streets with the same "quality" clothing ( from the same era as in Skopje).
At the border, again, they didn't let us through. The Serbs again. They said: Well, we do not except macedonian currency. Only serbian dinars. (Did I mention before that there is no exchange office there?) So, Mushi had to take a walk back to the macedonian border and change the Denars into Dinars. Finally, off we go, and the heavy rain starts. The heavy rain changed into heavy snow all along the highway until Ljubljana. On the croatian-serbian border, they kicked us out of the car, on the side of the road and searched us as they thought we were smuggling shitloads of heroin. We were freezing out in the snow, and after a thorough search, all they found was a bag full of carrots. (my snack for the journey).
As we were reaching Zagreb we managed to pass 4 chain crashes. Yes, four, you heard it correctly. Do I need to say that it took us ages to get through? And finally, from Zagreb to the Slovenian border crossing, a total traffic jam due to the Easter holidays: gastarbeiters from the Balkan countries heading back to Munchen with the pace of a snail, little by little. And the cherry on top: we passed the croatian customs, almost reached the slovenian customs, and BOOOM, our car dies. Empty tank. Mushi took another long walk (2 km to the first gas station), and us girls stayed in the queue, pushing our car every now and then until the car beeping behind us, packed with 4 Bosnians stepped out into the snow to help us.
I forgot to mention here that I had to go to the toilet and had to show my passport for this action. And then back to the no mans land to help push the car forward.
Fuck this story is already too long. I might continue in another post.
Overall, I had a blast down there.:) Especially while traveling..:)
Which is why it makes me wanna go down there again. For the exotic reasons.
widow&soldier photo: Bocvana

Meet fashion boys who are girls who like girls to be boys

Marta, tvoj zadnji i-D post me je nagnal da objavim tega.;)
dazed march issue with models ASH & ELIZA ( Ash je, vidim, zelo priljuben Pughov model- it seems that we all have our muse models )
photo: Mariano Vivanco
styling: Nicola Formichetti
p.s. zelo so mi vseč Gareth Pugh škornji na punci

Jaz vidim najini dve muzi v spremenjenih vlogah že nekaj časa, emulgator je itak in between gender, me pa zanima kako bi se naša Ali znajdla v gentleman opravi.. I think it would be ab fab!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hat couture

Think style, think elegance, think glamour. Think Louis Mariette - designer/miliner extraordinaire of sensational bespoke hats, fascinators and fabulous bejewelled headpieces and accessories.

You've got to see his web site, this is incredible.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Widow wore black...

She also wore 5000 black paperclips
fashioned into a shade!
It looks like an evil jellyfish.
With a price of £1190 being the most evil thing of all!
It looks like the word widow is becoming extremely popular...Damn copycats. :)
Marta, we'll have to come up soon with something new...:)


A movement of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity.
Currently evolving inside my head....

photo: Pierluigi Maco

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Viktorji 2009

It seems that I got an order for Viktorji 2009. Male...I am thinking thinking thinking..going through my stash of fabrics....found some feathers already..mmmm
We want something outrageous.

photo above: Hedi Slimane for Vogue Japan

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Tibetan singing bowls

I've been doing yoga for a year now. I fell really quickly into it and now, day by day, month by month, it is nothing but a visible progress and a well being. My body has never looked better (mind you I will be 30 this year and only now I have started to wear the hot pants;), my mind is sharper, focused, and above all, calm.
My yoga teacher is more than excellent. Not only that we practise at her lovely candle-scented home, but there is also the small group thing (3-4 persons) of likeminded girls. Friends.
Tonight for already the second time, she has performed a tibetan singing bowl session for the final meditation part. Singing bowls were traditionally used throughout Asia as part of Bon and Tantric Buddhist sadhana. Today they are used for meditation, relaxation, personal well-being and religious practise.
It is hard to describe how does it sound and what it does to human body (and mind), all I can say is that this has become my favourite part of yoga practise. My body was shivering, goose bumping but in the most pleasant way, I could say that my skin was reaching nirvana. (I wanted to say orgasm, but actually, no, it's beyond that:)
And my mind was transcending into another dimension. I could vividly see circles of energy, rings, while having eyes closed.
I could say that I felt the flow of universal energy through my body. One with the universe.
I think 10 min a day of these treatment prevents many diseases of the modern age.
You can check out here how it sounds, although live is live, you must experience this in person.

Trga me

Že dneve mam flashe, prebliske, vizije.... Kot da bi tripala na gobah, vidim nove outfite, linije, sence.... Nemir ki ga obožujem in sovražim istočasno.
Obožujem, ker vem da sem na dobri poti, ker prihaja od ..... (boga, kozmosa, energije, škratov???) Sovražim, ker nimam denarja (cca 10.000 eur) da bi sploh začela delati, časa- ker bi hotla narediti že zdaj takoj, ali pa biti globoko noter v procesu ( preden sem tam- "noter" traja par tednov, preden se začne poezija in lahkotnost ustvarjanja)
Odločila sem se da bom letos manj obremenjena z komercialnostjo svojih kreacij in se ukvarjala samo z kreativnostjo in domišljijo. d'Hyeres in ostali natečaji na katere se mislim prijaviti kličejo po razkošju, unikatnosti, drugačnosti, domišljijski zmogljivosti oblikovalcev, ne pa prodajnosti in nosljivosti. In vem da je noter v meni ta zaklad, da kača spi. But not for long.

photography: Yelena Yemchuk

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

DP is having a sale

Yes, you've heard it right. I am organising a little clean out sale of my previous collections. Widows and soldiers is not included in the sale, but is still available. ( Sorry sweeties, this one is not being marked down )

cherry blossom photo: Marta Lamovšek, clothes & styling: DP, makeup & hair: Tinka Pobalinka, model: Ali the Marketa

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Festival d'Hyeres je moj naslednji cilj čez eno leto. Modni natečaj ki se zgodi vsako leto na jugu Francije, kjer se ocenjujejo young in up and coming oblikovalci, judged by the elite of fashion industry. V žiriji je cel kup velikih živin, med njimi tudi moja najdraža Diane Pernet.
Festival ki je pomagal izstreliti kariero v orbito mnogim oblikovalcem danes svetovnega slovesa: Victor & Rolf, Gaspard Yurkievich, Christian Wijnants...

Letos je prišlo 300 porfoliov, izbrali so 10 za final fashion show. Jaz napovedujem zmago litvanskega dvojca Mareunrol, ki sta mi totalno padla v oči s svojo dovršeno detective story, sta tudi Diane Pernet favorites, kot sem uspela videti. Both DP's favourites, heheh.
Nagrade so hude, slava neizogibna. If you make it, of course.
Tukaj sta 2 fotki finalistov, ena je detektivka mareunrol, ki jo že prepoznam nadaleč, ta druga pa mi je totalno padla v oči, mislim da bosta oba pobrala nagrade.
Me prav zanima kako se bo odvilo konec aprila....