Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Fashion criminals exhibition in Metalka

17 slovenian designers got together exhibiting their one-off pieces of clothes, accessories, shoes, jewellery and art graphics. Discount prices and professional daily guidance and styling advising.
Untill the 9.january 2010.
What are you all waiting for?

Friday, 20 November 2009


This is fucking extraordinary!
I have once already posted her stuff, but it is time for some more. Check out her site!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

I woke up from a virtual coma

Hello everyone, I am back!
OOOh... it's been a loooong long time, my cyber limbs are still weak and itchy, but before you say Macintosh, I'll be like a new Air model: quick, slick, steady and beautiful. Slightly annoying at first, for you will not understand me, but after two weeks when you get used to me, you will not be able to live without me. :)
Many things happened while being at such state, but first things first and I am in no hurry.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Hello I love You

Happy birthday, mr. Freeland! You know we all love you, especially us, the Eastern European gurlz! ;))) <3

ADAM FREELAND - Hello I Love You (Adam Freeland Remix) on MUZU.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Amanda Lepore: Welcome to my shop!


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

What happens when the right people hook up?

You wake up in the middle of nowhere.
You get molested, sniffed and drooled over by various dogs two days in a row.
You drink with the russian tycoons.
You get wasted with your middle aged landlord. You hook up with his wife.
You wake up, again, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by hundreds of sheep.
You dive into a hidden hollywood style pool.
You find yourself in a staged Last Supper photoshoot.
You spot a beefcake with scoliosis.
You fall in love. (not with the beefcake)
All this in only two days.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Fashion show invitation

Most kindly welcome, if you happen to be in Portoroz tonight at 22h in Paprika. The entrance is free, but please, do dress up. Preferably in Black.
The organizer promised a party with free cocktails, which is another bonus.
Hope to see you there!

Monday, 13 July 2009


The ITS#8 Vertice Award goes to Michael Van Der Ham

Elise Gettliffe gets the I-D Styling award

Mason Yung is the winner of the ITS#8 Fashion Collection of the year award

The big 50.000 EUR worth DIESEL AWARD goes to Alice Knackfuss

backstage photos: Sonny Vandevelde

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Maja Mehle, Royal College of Art MA graduate 2009

Keep an eye on this girl coz she's gonna make it big!
Real eye-candy collection, check out the rest here.

photo: Christopher Moore

Check out the rest of the collection here.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

"In the world of pop music, there is Michael Jackson and there is everybody else"

The news that he died came to my ears on Bishevo Island, far away from the civilized world and internet access. I remember it was a gloomy rainy day and this was quite a depressing moment.
Some heaviness lay on my soul. It made me turn back time into the year 1997 when lady Di passed away. I remember that moment I heard the news. I was on a plane to Moscow, and a couple of days later, while I was dining out in a traditional russian restaurant, everybody, I mean literally EVERYBODY, was watching the memorial service on TV. All TV's were turned on for that reason. Strange feeling it was. The awareness of death of such a world popular figure.
Yesterday, while back in civilized Ljubljana, I spent hours and hours youtubing for his old Thriller album, my favourite, watching the documentary (Martin Bashir: Living with Michael Jackson, I was quite annoyed with the way Bashir was questioning Michael, he seemed to be determined to make him a bad guy) and thinking what a poor soul he was, destroyed by the cruelty of the media, journalists, paparazzi... Fame is a strange thing really.
I would never want to be in his shoes.
But nevertheless he's the King and it seems he will stay this way.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

A widow on the beach in Dubrovnik

I've been wondering for quite a while what she looks like without clothes....

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Two Ladies in Vogue

Luckilly I live just across the Slovenia Times office and luckilly Brane, the director, is my old friend, otherwise I don't know where could you possibly get a copy of the magazine in Ljubljana.. Only airport and hotels apparently..
Well, it is a lovely interview and it will be great for the extension of my cultural status at the Ministry of culture. ;)

And Martica, my dearest Vogue Lady, thank you for a wonderful evening tonight. For true friendship. For the connection. Love.
I love you girl. <3

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Letter

" Dear Davorka,

Thank you for coming for interview in connection with your application to the above course.

After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a place.

However, your name has been placed on the reserve list and should a place become available, I will inform you immediately at the contact address you have provided."

Friday, 22 May 2009

K4 4EVA!.......and beyond

Listening to the new K4 Format 09 whilst cooking lunch....
Yesterday in our favorite basement, there was an official launch of Format 09, live presentation and an exhibition A designers view, as part of the 20 year anniversary celebration of K4 club.
Well done, dear young slovenian producers! I am very satisfied with your work on this "Plata" and extremely happy with the direction you choose to follow.
And above all, proud to be part of this basement urban tribe.
Also sorry to hear that Mikec and Nina are leaving the headquarters of K4, but they were reassuring me last night that they will still keep an eye on the club. I was afraid that K4 might be turned now into a new KMŠ, or some other disaster clubs with lets-get-really-fucked-up-and-wasted-on-cheap-beer-and-horror-tasteless-cheasy-music. But luckilly this is not the case.
I give them all the credits for succesful 5 years. I can't really see anyone as a good replacement for Mik, but...changes are always good. Fresh breeze.
Dear K4, happy anniversary!
I wish you to be rocking many many decades more, I wish you silver, gold and diamond anniversary too. I wish by the time diamond anniversary hits the calendar, I will be well botoxed, tuned up, to still have the legs for wearing hot pants and red lipstick and still dance in the pool. In tha club pool. Oooh yeah!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Gosh everyone here wants your pieces, fantastic stuff!!!

That's the respond I got yesterday from Stefan, the Not Just A Label team member.
Last week I sent them 5 of my most extravagant outfits, which will take part in THE SHOP.

NJAL is the leading online platform for emerging graduates and design talents with more than a thousand fashion designers from over 40 countries. THE SHOP is a new online initiative which will be launched on May 28th and will offer one-off pieces from designers like Ute Ploier, Anna Aichinger, Husam El Odeh and many others.

The first to host THE SHOP is Robin Schulie, head-buyer of Maria Luisa store in Paris and Unit F, the Austrian Association for Contemporary fashion.

DIANE PERNET will be the sites host in July! Every month another leading industry figure will host NJAL.

THE SHOP will launch on the 28th May together with the 9 festival for fashion & photography in Vienna, initiated and organised by Unit F buro fur mode.

I must say, my dream to meet Diane Pernet, my personal idol, is slowly coming to an end. It's becoming reality.

Plus, did I mention that Dazed and Confused and other major fashion magazines are covering this project?

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Monday, 4 May 2009

Delicious hunting trip and dinner with my flatmates

Fresh from "njiva" straight to our mouths.... tonight wok style. Tomorrow who knows....

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Davorka Pozgan website launch

I finally got it!!!
The site is still a bit of a work in progress, but it is a good start.

It was designed by my fabulous friend Bianca BeeZee Zvorc, a New York based Slovenian, who also celebrates her birthday today. Happy Birthday, dear Bianca. And thank you for a wonderful work
Check it out and let me know what you think.

Beware of the marmot (svizec). :)

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!

Remember when I anounced that Mareunrol, a latvian fashion design duo with that wonderful Detective story) will winn the Festival Hyeres 2009?
It turns out that I was right.
They won the grand jury prize and the 1.2.3 prize.

The Interview

It went really well. Among 20 kandidates on our MA Womenswear list, who came that morning to CSM, 6 of us made it to the personal interview. The Nazi lady, the head of our department, wasn't there though. I got interviewed by 2 other professors, who were actually really nice. My heart was pounding, but I managed to cool down, relax, and on the end even joke a little. They asked me questions like: Are you able to take negative kriticism? (because mrs Wilson-the Nazi Lady, will break you down, tear you to pieces!) How do I see myself after the school if I get in, What will happen if I don't get in; What did I do so far; Why did I apply to CSM... Not really any tricky questions, more of a personality test.
They told me my portfolio is really really nice and asked me if all slovenian students make such an effort or is it just me..:) I told them that you get only one chance to impress. I have learned it well through my life experiences and application to the best fashion school in the world is something I took very seriously.
I left the building with a good feeling.
Now I must wait for about 5 weeks for the letter....

Friday, 24 April 2009

London Xpress by DP

i have a pretty good feeling...:))
and i am prolonging my ticket.
and i think tomorrow i am off to buy myself my first pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes.
and i am sleeping with a view over thames river and the dome.
and in the past 24h i had the best chinese dumplings in soho, best indian in bricklane, best lebanese in little kairo....
and I keep bumping into slovenian friends from the very first moment i arrived to the INSPIRATION CAPITOL.
I love it!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The holy grail of Central Saint Martins is only 1 day away

I am going mental at this very moment. I haven't been so nervous since ITS#5. It's a big day ahead of me tomorrow. I will be staying over at somebody I don't know yet. Friend of a friend of a friend, who lives in the "Manhattan" area of the city. Thanks to facebook and the modern age of communication.
I will be meeting Manca, my dearest squatter/language editor/party animal friend. And probably some other Slovenians currently living in London. I have checked already if there's any good line-ups in Fabric, but luckilly Freeland and Evil Nine are not playing. Otherwise I would probably want to go to my interview straight from the party. Hoooh!

I got another email from the Not Just A Label team saying:
"We are launching a new project in June, our best designers will be invited to sell their best pieces on NJAL. We absolutely would love you to take part. We'll be in touch next week."

Sounds promising and it make's me very happy.
In case that mrs. Louise from CSM tells me to fuck off from her school, I can still look forward to something that smells like international project. Yaaay!

My dear readers and friends, please wish me luck and please think of me on thursday 10AM!
I will need it.

Monday, 20 April 2009

DP - designer of the week on Not Just a Label!

I just got a letter from NOT JUST A LABEL team:
"Dear Davorka,
We hope you are well. As you probably have seen, we are featuring you as designer of the week on NJAL. We hope it will give you lots of exposure and success for your outstanding designs."

Woohooo, that is a nice surprize. I joined them last week, and I already like it! ;)

NOT JUST A LABEL ("NJAL") is the leading global business directory for showcasing avant-garde fashion designers of today, nurturing the upcoming talents of tomorrow. It provides an outlet for talent to blossom; a place where visionaries meet collaborators dedicated to the creative spirit of fashion. The platform targets graduates and avant-garde fashion designers, providing a stage where collections are showcased online. Numerous designers have already been discovered by international press and recruited by renowned retailers and prestigious fashion houses via the NJAL website.

Kool, ey? Click here for my NJAL look book.

photo: MartaL

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Instead of Shutka, we landed in Bajro

Yes, this is the name of the Bitola's Shutka. The Gipsy Bronx, as our local guide said. The story is way too long, so this will be another quick update, since I'm too busy preparing for the trip to London next week.
The Gipsy experience was one of the better ones in my life. It was crazy, unpredictable, just as it suits the Gipsies. It was a crash of two different planets, at one point one couldn't tell who is the alien: us to them, or verse vice. It was probably the first time ever somebody came to their baraka gheto.
They excepted us with open arms, happy, with a smile. Kids were fantastic, with plenty of character, posing like professional models. Natural talents. ;)
When Ali stepped out of the van dressed in full DP gear, they clapped their hands and shout. Like a circus show. Theater. Soon the whole village knew that something is going on, and literally hundreds of kids and people surounded us. We walked through the streets, taking pictures with Ali and whoever was in the frame. We met the big chief along the way, he was imediatelly willing to pose with Ali. He also wanted to marry Marta and come to Slovenia.
The same thing happened to Mushi, they offered him a 15 year old bride. Possibly no longer a virgin. ;)
I love the way they stick together as a community. They are so pour, but they have each other and they are strong. Moving mountains, like ants.
We created a wonderful editoral but it will stay an exclusive little secret for a little while....
I love Macedonia and their people.
photo: MartaL

Friday, 17 April 2009

London calling

I am getting nervous. Only 5 day to go...

Friday, 10 April 2009

My next stop: Šutka !!!!!

I packed. My girls are just about ready for the road... This is where we are heading.
Imagine what happens if you mix Kusturica with DP and Miss Guy Bourdin... Weeeeehoooooo!
Vogue, you can kiss our balkan arse!
I am willing to sacrifise all my widows and soldiers to get stolen, ruined, ripped to pieces, just for the few good shots...
But, I know that with that energy in our van, nothing will go wrong. Hopefully I will dance with the Gipsies, shoot guns, roll in mud, speak mongrol languages....overall I will have shitloads of fun!!!!!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Widows and Soldiers on the cover of Macedonian fashion magazine

I had an interview for macedonian biggest fashion magazine, and this is the message from a fashion editor:
"Happy Birthday :) Moj poklon za tebe je to sto smo stavili jednu fotku od tvoje kreacije na naslovnu stranu najtiraznijeg makedonskog modnog magazina TEA Moderna. Kad dodjes u MK, a TEA Moderna izlazi u sredu, imaces sto da vidis!!!!!!! Bit ces jako popularna ovde i to mi je vrlo drago!!!!! Nadam se da nema problema sto smo stavili fotku na naslovnu? Intervju je EXTRA!!!!! Glavni urednik TEA Moderna je rekako da si nesto fantrasticno, a ja kako modni urednik smatram da si nesto vanserisko."

They really liked the photos with Rudi, the pig. I wonder if Rudi is now on the cover of a fashion magazine?
I think that would be just awesome. ;)
photo: Marta L, clothes & styling: DP, makeup & hair: Tinka Pobalinka, model: Ali the Marketa, location manager: Erik Vidmar, second assistant: Nina Vidrih

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

We Freelanded in Budapest like there was no tomorrow

After 24h of travelling to Budapest, spending first half of my birthday stuck in the middle of the highway, in the twighlight zone of hungarian communication skills (the lack of it), bloody Peugeot car service, hungry, thirsty, cranky.....WE MADE IT!
Once we hit the floor... We fucking rocked shit in Budapest with ICON in our hands!!! (Jsssr did you hear this?)
Adam was very flattered when we told him about what we went through just to see him, he also thinks all girls in Slovenia are like us (crazy&hot:)), which hopefully will make him come and play at the Green Rabbitt real soon.
Do I need to say that Mr Freeland looks even hotter than 5 years ago, when I first saw him? Marta and I were melting...And his music? Oh lord, I am satisfied for the next 5 years of waiting...;) He still rocks shit!
More photos and stories will follow soon. Now I must sort shit out. I got a letter from Saint Martins telling I gotta come for an interview with my portfolio in 3 weeks!!!!!!!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Freeland-ing in Budapest

Funny thing is that I woke up today with a dream that Adam had shaved his blonde curls off...
I believe this is a good sign, heheh
I am seminaked just out of the bath, getting ready for the drive to sunny Budapest.
Ready to rock shit!!!!

Freeland - Under Control - Official Video from Freeland on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Just came across a post on DP's blog (the other DP:)) about my fellow finalist from ITS 5.
Heaven Tanudiredja, a Jakarta born designer and a really sweet person, as far as I remember. His collection was one of my two favourite ones from the final show (the other one was Aitor's).
I remembered (well everyone did) his wonderful name, which really suits him. He was named Heaven by his grandmother.
Anyway, he's doing jewellery as well as fashion, and he's doing both with excellence.

Widows and Soldiers in the april issue of W25 Magazine

Martica just woke me up. At 12.30h (WTF? is a question to myself :) With awesome news. Sorry Martica, for me not acting the way I usually would (screaming out loud, heheh), I first needed a coffee to come to my sense. I scream now.
Our fashion story is published in W25 Magazine, a nontraditional publication dedicated to streching the boundaries od selfexpression in photography, illustration etc. available online and in printed version.
I realized this very moment that actually, we are on the cover of this issue too!!!!! Goodness, I better slurp my Ethiopia real fast!
Click here for the link and check out the whole issue.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Klik Sof Ab Fab Jonty Scrufffy Portoroz

I know I've been slack lately with my blog writing. Hell, I've been ignoring it completely. Last night at klik#sof in Kempinski Palace a couple of people reminded me of my blog. (saj res!) My Muse today screamed at me through the phone: Are you alive, genijalka? WTF happened to your blog?!!
It surely made me think about it. It made me even write about it. ;) At least to make sure I am not dead yet.
I guess it's just a period. Even my fellow blogger stopped the regular posting. (WTF Zadeta?;)
Now as I am detoxing myself on homemade veggie soup from last night's free cocktails, free absint and some strange unidentified drinks... (I am so bad with refusing the free drinks, I am a real sinner, mea culpa) I was a tipsy hoe and I liked it. ;)
Anyway, the party was great. Kempinski palace is o moj bog so gorgeous, with the lighting and all. The only thing I can bitch about was that they put Jonty to start playing at 4 AM. Before him there was some blonde hoe torturing us with dreadful house from 10 years ago. I mean, you bring a wonderful DJ star from London, you were suppose to let him play at the highlight of the party. Not afterparty. But I guess, the blonde hoe didn't wanna let go, and she was so high up at the balcony, she didn't see our grumpy faces.
I saw some old friends, met some new friends, mingled, got business proposals (by the way, Jonty could not resist my feathers and lace), I even met my fan from facebook. I am always very surprized when they aproach me. And flattered too. ;) Got some orders from the blogorola boys (I will give you a group discount if you make a large order;)) Overall a pretty good night.
And many thanks to Mushi who decided to be a driver for the princess without a ride. Mushi rocks. <3
photo: MartaL

Friday, 20 March 2009

Cupping & moxa- a method against ishias

My ishias was not getting any better (even absinthe supreme did not save me, sorry Josser;)), so I had to look for a professional help today. It was a very very interesting session and I must say I can now almost straighten up my back. Which I couldn't do for 2 days now, I was a bit of a Quasimodo, heheh.
So what can you expect when you go for a cupping session? In this day and age, glass cups are used. Three thousand years ago, bamboo, animal horn or brass - if you could afford it - were the order of the day. In fact, the old Chinese name for cupping was 'horning'. Traditionally, the cups are heated with alcohol and flame on the inside to reduce the pressure, then placed over the skin. As the cup cools down, the skin is sucked up inside. The newest innovation in cupping does away with the dangerous flame and uses a pump action instead. This is also a much more accurate way of gauging the degree of suction and, of course, eliminates the risk of burning. Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine and practitioners of Japanese shiatsu therapy, place the cups at various positions along the meridian lines. These are the same lines used in acupuncture. There are five meridians on the back and these are usually targeted, particularly the bladder meridian. It is possible to cup the hands, legs and ankles too. By cupping these meridian lines, specific organs in the body can be targeted. Cupping is generally used by practitioners if there is cold energy in the patient's meridians. The warm air from the cupping stimulates the skin, and the suction coaxes blood to the area which promotes localised healing. The chi is warmed and starts to flow freely down the meridians.

While I was waiting for the vacuum cups to work their way across my meridians, I also received moxa stick treatment.

The Moxa Stick is lit at one end and held about 1 inch from the skin, the distance varying with the tolerance of the patient and the degree of stimulation required. Normally the stick is burned for up to 15 minutes or until the skin around the area is bright red. This method is used for pain due to obstruction (Arthritic type pain).
I was told I need to let the heath enter my body again through this procedure (I got into all this trouble because I sat outside a few days ago, while having coffee- obviously for too long)

I need to rest now but I will give you a detailed report on how I feel in 3 to 4 days, when I am suppose to burst with my Chi.

Jethro Cave

Ful fuuul mi postaja všeč tale mladič v svetu modelov, sin bolj slavnega Nicka. Ne samo da ima tisti faktor x ki je(poleg slavnih korenin) tako potreben za uspeh in svetovno slavo , je tudi trouble maker ( temu jaz rečem kar rockstar attitude:))

1st photo:
2nd photo:

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Visit to Shambala & screaming little demons incident

Shambala is a great new thai/vietnamese restaurant at Križevniška 12. Great ambient, you eat in the atrium under the skylight and the food is really delicious. I tried 2/3 of the menu so far, and I recomend everything with pleasure: coconut soups, vietnamese rolls with fresh thai basil, coriander and shrimps, yummie tempura veggies, mango salad, coconut strjenka with mango pulp.... Except for the shambala steak which is suppose to be marinated in lemongrass but I did not sense any. Nevertheless the steak itself was prepared wonderfully. And the staff is really cool (and good looking too, girls;)) The only thing is to be careful with is their wine chart: great choice, but quite expensive. They also keep a good selection of green teas from Čajna hiša.
My second visit to this enjoyable place was disgustingly interrupted by a two young couples with two screaming little demons who could not hold their bodily liquids. And I mean it literally. I do not understand some parents who drag their small demons to public places, in this case a restaurant with a very quiet atmosphere, and leave them to destroy everyones appetite. If you know your child is histerical or hyper-active, why not leaving it at home or with the grandma? But to let it crawl and run around and get constantly in a waiters way, to let it scream like it's been tortured and not do anything, just sit there and do nothing, while guests were forced to leave the place? How rude is this? Like this was not enough, the child shat himself, and the senseless mommy changed his diper (!!!???!!!) afront of all the guests, 2 tables away from mine, while I was just having my green curry.....and the toilete was like 3 meters away. Did I want to see the colour of his poo? No. It ruined my dinner and made me wanna grab that mommy by her neck and stirfry her face in Shambala's kitchen.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Slovenska Ritka 2009

I think I will be memorised from now on as the Slovenian Ritka designer.
Ana Dolinar was stage-wised absolutely the most glam (no, I will not be modest, sorry). I will leave more braging up to her in the following video. ;)
I want to thank Tinka Pobalinka for waking up (;)), and creating the fantastic make-up and hair for Ana Dolinar and Ula Furlan. Tinka, you rock girl, and I love you!
Both girls were extremely gorgeous, I totally loved spending the whole afternoon with them, (although I haven't slept at all- first K4 party, then MB Pekarna, and then straight back to work, with minor technical incidents while trying to get in touch and wake up Tinka). ;) Yes, we are the real party people here.
I almost ended up going to Viki's myself, with Ula, but I was too fucked up and wasted to play this game. And I had nothing to wear (if you believe me, ha!).

Friday, 13 March 2009

DP on with Rudi the pig & Viktorji chit chat

I had an unexpected visitor last night. A paparazzo was hidden in my (thousands of euros worth) closet (next to an ostrich and a batman) and I was not being able to escape.
I had no choice but to cooperate...

For the whole article, click here.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Gallows humor meets Amanda Lepore's lips

I haven't been stimulated this way since Gareth Pugh's male collection.
Plastic bags and aluminium cans as headgear, he's fucking crazy.
Alexander fuckin' McQueen.
Do not hesitate to check out his entire ready-to-wear collection on

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

So me? countdown....

This is to say, that I am trying to earn myself a free gin-tonic (Fedja) or some rakija (Katarina), this friday in our favourite basement. ;)

credits to my magic crew, especially the make-up goddess Tinka Pobalinka who got sadly forgotten to be mentioned on the polaroids and printed flyers.
Assistant and handy man mr. Mushi also hopes for the free entrance and a special VIP-access-all-area pass. ;)

the magical crew: photo: Marta Lamovsek, styling: DP, makeup & hair: Tinka Pobalinka, models: Sasa Omerovic, Emulgator (Sindikat), Ali the Marketa, assistant & set designer: Erik Vidmar, flyer design: Nina Vrhovec

Monday, 9 March 2009

Massive gathering with shitloads of fine fabric

Who needs gold when there's silk and wool in tha house?

Fashion by Matthew Ames
Photography by Sybille Walter