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Furrrr monster

Tudi tole sem dobila po mailu in me je čist vrglo na rit: vabilo na razstavo Borisa Hopeka v Braziliji, poimenovano simply Brazil.
Well, it surely makes me wanna go there! :)

Wonderful world out there

I have received an email from this guy. Slovenian, who lives between Luxemburg and London and has finished MA at Central Saint Martins.
He has really made my day the other day (and Marta's too as he's send an email to both);).
He doesn't know me at all, but he has made an effort to tell us he likes our work and assured me " I think you shouldn't have any problems with acceptance to CSM."

Did I already mention he creates wonderful laces? Please, do check him out here!

lace art by tricikel

Martin Margiela

Priljubljeni konceptualist ki me nikoli ne pusti ravnodušne pa tudi če mi ni vedno najbolj všeč.
Obleka iz glavnikov in vezalk this time...

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Gareth Pugh once again...

Here's a few photos of his latest menswear collection. It looks like Pugh is getting more comercial this time.. He said: "they're the kind of clothes I'd like to see in the shops".
His collection was very refreshing and exciting. It stayed true to Pugh's quirky, avant garde style, but was also quite commercially viable with classic tailoring and funky outerwear. There was plenty of geometric detailing and quilting as Pugh played with proportion. There was also a very industrial feel to the pieces which were oil-slick and used nails as unusual applique.

Zdi se mi da je Gareth postal novi ljubljenček medijev, kritikov, vseh... novi Galliano z bolj mračnim pridihom in futuristično svežino. Yummie!
Zdej pa nazaj k diplomi. ;)

Monday, 26 January 2009

Najbolj me rajca....

Lihkar sem orgazmirala. Gareth Pugh.

Something for my muse

Once again I am enchanted by my beloved hero's collection. John, of course. Emulgator, I see you in several outfits, but those undies and garters are simply Žiga style. :))
Love it!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Henrik Vibskov

Totally loving the new male collection of Henrik Vibskov. Even I would wear it.:)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

She always ends up dead

I started to write my thesis almost manically. While the iron is still hot. I am researching the fashion of mourning in the victorian era, plus goth, cosplay and women of impeccable style throughout history. I must admit I have started to like writing more and more. In the end I will become Miss Theory of Fashion. :)

artwork: Ildiko Mezei

I hate this weather!

I really do. It stops me from doing what I plan to do. It's cold and ugly.

photo: Henrik Halvarsson
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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

DP hits the sun

The other DP not me.:)
I coudn't help myself not to post this one... She's in Sao Paolo at the moment. I'm wondering if she keeps in her wardrobe the exact same outfit but made of thin black cotton for summer...? Or she just doesn't mind the heat....

Goths, ravens, widows and diplomas

I am flying on the wings of happiness!
I went to see my art tutor/diploma mentor to ask for a letter of recomendation and to discuss my diploma work which has been half done and postponed for a few years... Of course I went there with a dumpling in my throat (that's a direct translation:)) and heavy weight on my chest. I have always been intimidated by my professors, particularly the old school, and especially when I showed up after such a long time. Luckily my mentor is a great chick who has no desire to fulfill my intimidation fantasies. As soon as I appeared she congratulated me for my work and mentioned how she keeps hearing of my success. When I showed her my latest collection, her jaw hit the floor!! I then began apologising and explaining the delay in completing my diploma but she stopped me in the middle of my staged breakdown and said: Davorka, I don't mind when my students work outside uni, but I do mind when they are lazy and don't do anything afterwards. I am really looking forward to working with you because what you just showed me is of superb quality and I know it will be a fabulous diploma!
She really liked the concept of Marta's and my exhibition, and she is gonna help me to push it even further.
Life is beautiful again. And I have got a new drive for working...and finishing.:))

My hubby is home!!

Yes. But only for a short time... then she's gone for good.
This post I dedicate to two women, Kate and Miss Guy Bourdin.
Welcome Kate and congratulations Miss Bourdin!

photo: Guy Bourdin

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Some DP oldies...

I still like this photo although it wasn't taken by MartaL ;)...It's kind of timeless... and I still like this dress/coat I made so many years ago...

clothes and styling: DP, photo: Grega Strle, model: Ajda Metlikovic, makeup: DP

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Rembrandt in Zagreb

Danes sem preživela dan v Zagrebu. Po dolgem času... Z Mushijem sva se odpravila na fantastično postavljeno razstavo Rembrandtovih bakropisov v Muzeju za umjetnost i obrt (tema v prostoru, osvetljeni majhni formati/originali znotraj ogromnih črnih paspartujev pričarajo videz optičnega lebdenja v prostoru, čarobna igra senc na grafikah zaradi kota osvetlitve in rahle zmečkanosti papirja...) Rembrandta seveda ni potrebno hvaliti, but I was really really deeply impressed. Nad filigransko natančnostjo, nad intimnostjo malih formatov, najbolj pa nad superb karakternimi portreti beračev, temačnih avtoportretov, in zmagovalna dva: moškega in ženske ki lulata!! Mr Rembrandt je pokazal tudi smisel za humor. Vredno ogleda!
Svoj izletek sva dodatno začinila z shopingom autentičnega- izvorno hrvatskog proizvoda: Kravate seveda! Mushi je nor na super dizajn in oblačila (who could blame him, sej živi z mano:)), tako da sem ga peljala v Croata trgovino (specijalizirani samo za kravate, made by and in Croatia, no chinese industries, please.) Me very proud to be croatian, heheh.
Samo so res najlepše kravate do zdaj ki sem jih videla in to rečem kot oblikovalka:)

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Lovely Miss Ula Furlan wears DP

Sorry for the inconvenience of these mediaspeed shots, but that's all I've got at the moment. My personal and the only photographer is currently very busy snowboarding at Rogla. :) (of course, she deserves that, she's just had the exhibition opening in Bucharest.)

These shots were taken at the "Model za naslovko 2009" award held by Men's health magazine (Ula was running the event).
Ula modelled this dress at my recent widow's and soldiers fashion show. It seems to have her name written all over it.

Art, art, art

Look's like everybody's sick. Including me. My nose and throat are full of shit that doesn't want to come out, wish it would be full of gold instead. ;)
My route is from bed to the kitchen sink, but in between I still feed on other people's artwork online. I couldn't help myself not to post this.

Jeremy Mayer is a sculptor who specializes in the typewriter as material. He creates cold assembly sculptures of human figures that are anatomically correct by disassembling typewriters and reassembling them to his liking.

It reminded me of an artwork of slovenian sculptur and painter Silvije Arc Popović, whom I once had the honour to meet and visit his atelier on Trubarjeva. He did similar things but from plasic bottles and old telephones.
Woow, and now as I looked up if he's got anything online, I came across this graphic. Its the exact same print as I received as a present from him during my visit at his atelier. I can assert boastfully that mine is the first print (prvi odtis).

How cool is that?:)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Armour Karma

I needed to treat myself while I'm lying in bed sick and this is just the right thing. Gold, lots of gold.... For my own visual pleasure.
Love this armour piece. It will help me to visualize the golden flame in my third eye..:)

photo: Kah Poon
for Highlights magazine

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Good old times....

Spent in the old slaughterhouse...remember this, Lili, Olga?;))

photo: Grega Strle, clothes & styling: DP, models: Lili Savić, Olga Založnik

The paper fairy

I am a lucky girl! I will be visited by the good fairy of Gmund this week!
For those who don't know, Gmund is a company that produces finest hand made paper since 1829. When I say finest, I mean LUXURY paper.
Treasury paper with gold dust, kaschmir paper with real kashmir yarns inside, wood embossing paper....... all in all, I would call them the haute couture paper expressionists!!!
And last but not least, they are environmentally conscious and protective, so they keep the only ozone water purification plant in the world.
It is not necessary to mention how expensive their paper is...
Well, DP is gonna get a selection of free samples, and a sample book of each range.
My forth coming portfolio is gonna be the most luxurious art piece in the world.

the photos above show how they produce the luxury;))

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Darling, I will miss you big time!

Today I got an email from my dearest hubby dear and flatmate Kate. She wrote: " I am leaving the family home. I have decided that my mind, body and spirit want to return to the land of my birth."
That is Australia, my dearest readers.
She went there for a month to visit her friends and family after a couple of years of living in Ljubljana.
I must say I feel devastated because I never had such an excellent flatmate, actually, she became my family, my sister, one of my closest friends in this country. Together we lived a life of two foreign girls, who tried to blend into the slovenian society, culture, and especially birocracy.
Not an easy life, I can tell you. Especially if your family lives in another country,or worse, another only can stick to your friends when the times are hard for the soul.
I knew it was even harder for her to blend in than for me. I knew she was not really happy in this country, although she's tried really hard.
I can't believe she's not gonna be living with me any more. No morning yoga together, no soya latte's together, no confidential talks about worries, problems, project, art and life...
I love this girl so much...
I am actually crying as I am writing these lines....