Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lollobrigida @ Kino Siska wearing DP

I am being deeply involved in a creative process for Lollobrigida stage costumes, exploring the world of plastic materials. Yes, plastic. I am trying to incorporate plastic materials like PET, PP, PC plates with fine glittery textiles. I wanna get a lot of volume, and try to do something that will make them look like lollipop-trash-couture-electro-punk band they intend to be. For me it is quite a challenge, technically, as well as fashion wise, because I am a fine piece of arse and I only work with fine fabrics. Well well, somehow I always manage to break my rules and resolutions, heheh..
I am actually very excited.
Not to mention that in order to gather this band and take their measurements I had to do it through Skype, supervising it while their friends/girlfriends were flapping around their bodies with a meter, because it's almost impossible to get them in one place. Good luck to me!

Here is a another video of Lollobrigida performing in Kino Siska, our initial collaboration. Ida and Petra wearing my pieces, of course.

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