Thursday, 11 June 2009

Two Ladies in Vogue

Luckilly I live just across the Slovenia Times office and luckilly Brane, the director, is my old friend, otherwise I don't know where could you possibly get a copy of the magazine in Ljubljana.. Only airport and hotels apparently..
Well, it is a lovely interview and it will be great for the extension of my cultural status at the Ministry of culture. ;)

And Martica, my dearest Vogue Lady, thank you for a wonderful evening tonight. For true friendship. For the connection. Love.
I love you girl. <3


  1. aaaaaa, I LOVE YOU TOO!!! Te že ful pogrešam ... in ERIKA! but it will be soon we'll make magic together, you'll see ;)
    love love loooooooove to you!!

  2. darling, i just came back.. sem ze najdla super fine lokacije za next podvige..:)