Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Every year is the same story. It always gets me unprepared. I have great plans and ideas about my fabulous, custom- made designer costume for carneval, but as I said before... it's the kovačeva kobila thing.:)
Last year I was busy working on this outfit for Miss NinaO. I finished it just before going out.

Which left me with no time to do mine. But creative girls don't need much. I gathered the leftovers, little scraps of her dress and sew them onto a pair of stalkings. And off I go to K4. When people asked me: So what are you? I said: I'm Nina Osenar's leftover! Here's the result of my creativity.

This year I will not be working for anyone. I will be dipping my arse in sauna with Mushi. Thank god.
photo: Luka Novak, MartaL


  1. na roke draga, veliko rocnega dela je bilo...

  2. "I'm N.O. leftover" LMAO

  3. just falling in love with random people on weekly basis ... wrong people... let's skip spring and go str8 2 summer :)

  4. ja bošček ti noooo...prasci vsi!:)
    razn tebe;)
    itak sem pa vedno mislila dabi zate blo najboljse ce bi bil straight.;)