Friday, 20 February 2009

Stuffed Crap-fish with vagina flavour or how we created the Into spring decadence...

My fingers were itchy for the whole week. This flyer will, as usual, circulate around facebook and other social networks, which is why I posted the making of by BOCVANA, our official work in progress photographer (now this sounds very important:)).
The result is playful and colorful and it smells like, may I say, spring decadence?

Without Mushi, the set designer/practical male brain, it would either never happen or take much longer...:)
Two fashion muses discussing vagina flavour and relevant topics...

Cannot decide which outfit goes with my eyeshadow...

And the final result....Photography Marta Lamovšek, styling Davorka Požgan, make up Tinka Pobalinka, models Ali The Marketa, Saša Omerović, Emulgator & the Crap-Fish & rubber chicken, set designer Erik Vidmar, flyer design Nina Vrhovec.


  1. jaa res je
    njene fotke so kot grafike ki bi jih jaz kar odtisnila na blago..;)

  2. herzliche grüße sendz your officially-unofficial fotogrrrafin! :)

  3. ooooo, fotogrrrafin, i except ur zelezniski muzej offer!:)