Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Čutim pomlad

Stunning beauty and love....

photo: Tim Walker


  1. aish, this wouldve been an amazing photo montage, but the post production guy forgot to do the swans shadow,....


  2. Yeah, i hate that montages that are a fail: it's like we would montage a Rudi the pig - but we so didn't have to:)

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  4. thank u manca, zlata si:))

    again, mr pugh is haunting me on every corner!:)

  5. the photo IS beautiful...

    but this is what is annoying when u start to study graphic design- u start to see it everywhere. i noticed that if im in a restaurant, and the layout in the menu is done wrong (weird typography or configuration, or the color combination is wrong) i cannot read it anymore, just cant focus...

    i bet u have the same thing with fashion ;)

  6. I know what u mean! ;)

    i notice this all around the country:)