Thursday, 5 February 2009

Tibetan singing bowls

I've been doing yoga for a year now. I fell really quickly into it and now, day by day, month by month, it is nothing but a visible progress and a well being. My body has never looked better (mind you I will be 30 this year and only now I have started to wear the hot pants;), my mind is sharper, focused, and above all, calm.
My yoga teacher is more than excellent. Not only that we practise at her lovely candle-scented home, but there is also the small group thing (3-4 persons) of likeminded girls. Friends.
Tonight for already the second time, she has performed a tibetan singing bowl session for the final meditation part. Singing bowls were traditionally used throughout Asia as part of Bon and Tantric Buddhist sadhana. Today they are used for meditation, relaxation, personal well-being and religious practise.
It is hard to describe how does it sound and what it does to human body (and mind), all I can say is that this has become my favourite part of yoga practise. My body was shivering, goose bumping but in the most pleasant way, I could say that my skin was reaching nirvana. (I wanted to say orgasm, but actually, no, it's beyond that:)
And my mind was transcending into another dimension. I could vividly see circles of energy, rings, while having eyes closed.
I could say that I felt the flow of universal energy through my body. One with the universe.
I think 10 min a day of these treatment prevents many diseases of the modern age.
You can check out here how it sounds, although live is live, you must experience this in person.


  1. jah...res je nora tale se je "trgalo" do jutranjih ni še spustilo. mormo met doma..nujno!!!!!

  2. začneva šparati;)

    i was sleeping like a baby tonight.;)

  3. jst sem spala bolj malo, a je bil tako spanec kot nespanec more than sweet.