Wednesday, 4 February 2009

DP is having a sale

Yes, you've heard it right. I am organising a little clean out sale of my previous collections. Widows and soldiers is not included in the sale, but is still available. ( Sorry sweeties, this one is not being marked down )

cherry blossom photo: Marta Lamovšek, clothes & styling: DP, makeup & hair: Tinka Pobalinka, model: Ali the Marketa


  1. Oh, yesss, we want more cherry blossom girls in the real life!! hmmmm, mogoče bi vključile zraven še "sale fotoshooting" of the new cherry models? ;)

  2. heheheh kaj bos prisla pofotkati, was this your offer?
    ali sprobavati?

  3. heh - pofotkati, i allready have my fabulous dress in the closet ;)