Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The holy grail of Central Saint Martins is only 1 day away

I am going mental at this very moment. I haven't been so nervous since ITS#5. It's a big day ahead of me tomorrow. I will be staying over at somebody I don't know yet. Friend of a friend of a friend, who lives in the "Manhattan" area of the city. Thanks to facebook and the modern age of communication.
I will be meeting Manca, my dearest squatter/language editor/party animal friend. And probably some other Slovenians currently living in London. I have checked already if there's any good line-ups in Fabric, but luckilly Freeland and Evil Nine are not playing. Otherwise I would probably want to go to my interview straight from the party. Hoooh!

I got another email from the Not Just A Label team saying:
"We are launching a new project in June, our best designers will be invited to sell their best pieces on NJAL. We absolutely would love you to take part. We'll be in touch next week."

Sounds promising and it make's me very happy.
In case that mrs. Louise from CSM tells me to fuck off from her school, I can still look forward to something that smells like international project. Yaaay!

My dear readers and friends, please wish me luck and please think of me on thursday 10AM!
I will need it.


  1. i'll be thinking of you for sure :)

  2. Pikica...sej veš da boš razturala. Bom držala pesti in pošiljala good vibes. Kiss....

  3. good luck, but then again you know you will knock their socks, shoes, stilettos off!

    write me a msg on thursday at 11am to say how it went! ;)

  4. Vau. Čestitke, res si carka :D Vso srečo.

  5. Sooo, how did it went? No matter their decision, u are great at what u do* Good luck & enjoy.)