Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Interview

It went really well. Among 20 kandidates on our MA Womenswear list, who came that morning to CSM, 6 of us made it to the personal interview. The Nazi lady, the head of our department, wasn't there though. I got interviewed by 2 other professors, who were actually really nice. My heart was pounding, but I managed to cool down, relax, and on the end even joke a little. They asked me questions like: Are you able to take negative kriticism? (because mrs Wilson-the Nazi Lady, will break you down, tear you to pieces!) How do I see myself after the school if I get in, What will happen if I don't get in; What did I do so far; Why did I apply to CSM... Not really any tricky questions, more of a personality test.
They told me my portfolio is really really nice and asked me if all slovenian students make such an effort or is it just me..:) I told them that you get only one chance to impress. I have learned it well through my life experiences and application to the best fashion school in the world is something I took very seriously.
I left the building with a good feeling.
Now I must wait for about 5 weeks for the letter....


  1. Sounds like you're IN baby. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my extra guest room in Kensigton ;)

  2. oooh darling, i hope your words will become reality! <3
    u can sleep with me any time you know that ;)

  3. držimo pesti in verjamemo vate!

    xoxo, Tanja

  4. sounds great! i'm sure you rocked, my dear. looking forward to seeing you very soon (naslednji teden!).

  5. thanks my dear girls <3
    I already started looking 4 a scholarship...;)

  6. All your answers were purrfect...get this scholarship ASP because you´re about to be swept of your feet!

  7. Eh,jaz sem 100% da boš sprejeta! Bos videla! Ni spet tak bau bau prit na šole u Londonu... kar se pa tiče štipendije, pa... Ministrstvo za kulturo... V UK je mal zežka, ker predvsem svojim ponujajo... Če pa najdeš kej UK, pa sporoči...

  8. oooh thanx darlings, ocitno sem jaz edina ki dvomi, oz jemljem z rezervo..:)

    ja stipendija stipendija, zdej bo sele stala..