Saturday, 18 April 2009

Instead of Shutka, we landed in Bajro

Yes, this is the name of the Bitola's Shutka. The Gipsy Bronx, as our local guide said. The story is way too long, so this will be another quick update, since I'm too busy preparing for the trip to London next week.
The Gipsy experience was one of the better ones in my life. It was crazy, unpredictable, just as it suits the Gipsies. It was a crash of two different planets, at one point one couldn't tell who is the alien: us to them, or verse vice. It was probably the first time ever somebody came to their baraka gheto.
They excepted us with open arms, happy, with a smile. Kids were fantastic, with plenty of character, posing like professional models. Natural talents. ;)
When Ali stepped out of the van dressed in full DP gear, they clapped their hands and shout. Like a circus show. Theater. Soon the whole village knew that something is going on, and literally hundreds of kids and people surounded us. We walked through the streets, taking pictures with Ali and whoever was in the frame. We met the big chief along the way, he was imediatelly willing to pose with Ali. He also wanted to marry Marta and come to Slovenia.
The same thing happened to Mushi, they offered him a 15 year old bride. Possibly no longer a virgin. ;)
I love the way they stick together as a community. They are so pour, but they have each other and they are strong. Moving mountains, like ants.
We created a wonderful editoral but it will stay an exclusive little secret for a little while....
I love Macedonia and their people.
photo: MartaL


  1. OMFG! Is that Lady Di? ROFL

  2. yes, and instead of food she brings them luxury fabrics..:)

  3. @gizdalin ane, da točno tako zgleda!! :)))

  4. @MartaL: pljunuta :)

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