Friday, 10 April 2009

My next stop: Šutka !!!!!

I packed. My girls are just about ready for the road... This is where we are heading.
Imagine what happens if you mix Kusturica with DP and Miss Guy Bourdin... Weeeeehoooooo!
Vogue, you can kiss our balkan arse!
I am willing to sacrifise all my widows and soldiers to get stolen, ruined, ripped to pieces, just for the few good shots...
But, I know that with that energy in our van, nothing will go wrong. Hopefully I will dance with the Gipsies, shoot guns, roll in mud, speak mongrol languages....overall I will have shitloads of fun!!!!!


  1. I wish you the best of luck and many blessings on your journey....I wish I could come with you, how i would love to see different parts of this world. <3

  2. Baxt hai sastimos tiri patragi!
    Ciganiiiii juriiiiiiiiiiiiiš!!!!!!!

  3. Hardly waiting to see the results.

    Mind your wallet ;)

  4. thank u my dearest!
    I am back, alive, I have my wallet and some great photos...;)
    and a crazy fucking story to share...;)