Friday, 24 April 2009

London Xpress by DP

i have a pretty good feeling...:))
and i am prolonging my ticket.
and i think tomorrow i am off to buy myself my first pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes.
and i am sleeping with a view over thames river and the dome.
and in the past 24h i had the best chinese dumplings in soho, best indian in bricklane, best lebanese in little kairo....
and I keep bumping into slovenian friends from the very first moment i arrived to the INSPIRATION CAPITOL.
I love it!


  1. yeah D.! Im sure u made their nips hard from admiration haha :))
    prolonging ticket is a logical thing .
    may i humbly suggest u two sweet things:
    a bit less expensive one
    ,,and a bit more ^.^
    ...i checked few of them last time in london..these two were designed by a frind and the food here was closest to one in far east.
    happy shopping & enjoy ! c ya next week

  2. davorka!!! povej kako je blo!! si šla na intervju očitno... in...?

  3. Draga moja, danes sem pa cist slucajno na bricklane bumpnila v en hud brejkbit afterparty, haha (uradno sem si sla zrihtat stekerje) kako je blo v vauxhallu?

  4. ljubica, nisem sla v vauxhall, sem pa bla v treh razlicnih klubih....
    ;)and there is more, grem napisati en post o tem..kiss