Tuesday, 6 January 2009

DP & MartaL interview


Fresh out of the oven...
It makes me laugh when I read my own chaotic words and thoughts....
Let's laugh together!;)


  1. Well, if nobody will comment, I will: Davorka, you loook very very very sexy on those video & pictures, and I look very very very lacking of yoga ;)))

  2. thank you darling!!!!;)
    let me remind you that lili will start with yoga again soon, so u better call her up!;)
    recession nobody comments what is with this people?
    the world is going to hell i'm telling ya

  3. p.s. u look gorgeous that way u are my dear, it's all in your head, you know that!
    but excercise do help with mental well being!;)

  4. thank you, darlingggg i will look gorgeous in the summer - as allways - in winter i need too much fat to keep me warm :)) krompirček mmmmmhmmm