Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The paper fairy

I am a lucky girl! I will be visited by the good fairy of Gmund this week!
For those who don't know, Gmund is a company that produces finest hand made paper since 1829. When I say finest, I mean LUXURY paper.
Treasury paper with gold dust, kaschmir paper with real kashmir yarns inside, wood embossing paper....... all in all, I would call them the haute couture paper expressionists!!!
And last but not least, they are environmentally conscious and protective, so they keep the only ozone water purification plant in the world.
It is not necessary to mention how expensive their paper is...
Well, DP is gonna get a selection of free samples, and a sample book of each range.
My forth coming portfolio is gonna be the most luxurious art piece in the world.

the photos above show how they produce the luxury;))


  1. wow... that is amazing... :D

    nihče ne dvomi v tvoj portfolio... it is gona be THE portfolio :D can't wait to see it :-)

    miss you


  2. call me darling for a tea!
    mwaa back

  3. oh well, you are going to give us all the links when me and marta will be making ours :) haha!