Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Gareth Pugh once again...

Here's a few photos of his latest menswear collection. It looks like Pugh is getting more comercial this time.. He said: "they're the kind of clothes I'd like to see in the shops".
His collection was very refreshing and exciting. It stayed true to Pugh's quirky, avant garde style, but was also quite commercially viable with classic tailoring and funky outerwear. There was plenty of geometric detailing and quilting as Pugh played with proportion. There was also a very industrial feel to the pieces which were oil-slick and used nails as unusual applique.

Zdi se mi da je Gareth postal novi ljubljenček medijev, kritikov, vseh... novi Galliano z bolj mračnim pridihom in futuristično svežino. Yummie!
Zdej pa nazaj k diplomi. ;)


  1. jz tut!!
    pa mushi tut!!
    we all want pugh!!

  2. ummm... ne glih vsega :D 2/3 pa zih :D love it :D

  3. jaz bi vse navlekla nase in sla v opero;)

  4. če je pa to plan... pol sem pa in... :D si predstavljaš obraze 'tistih' ljudi :D hahaah... time of my life :D