Thursday, 15 January 2009

Art, art, art

Look's like everybody's sick. Including me. My nose and throat are full of shit that doesn't want to come out, wish it would be full of gold instead. ;)
My route is from bed to the kitchen sink, but in between I still feed on other people's artwork online. I couldn't help myself not to post this.

Jeremy Mayer is a sculptor who specializes in the typewriter as material. He creates cold assembly sculptures of human figures that are anatomically correct by disassembling typewriters and reassembling them to his liking.

It reminded me of an artwork of slovenian sculptur and painter Silvije Arc Popović, whom I once had the honour to meet and visit his atelier on Trubarjeva. He did similar things but from plasic bottles and old telephones.
Woow, and now as I looked up if he's got anything online, I came across this graphic. Its the exact same print as I received as a present from him during my visit at his atelier. I can assert boastfully that mine is the first print (prvi odtis).

How cool is that?:)


  1. Then again, if the shit ain't coming out of your nose, neither would the gold - and just how frustrating would that be?
    Loooooooooooves the art!

  2. yeees you've got it right here my dear philosopher..:)))
    caki da ti pokazem grafiko naslednjic ko prides v slo..;)