Sunday, 4 January 2009

Smells like luxury

You must excuse me for not writing longer posts lately. Hell, it was hollidays time, what did you expect?
This is a post about my favourite slovenian graphic designer, a very close friend, my artistic soulmate: Tomaž Plahuta.
Mostly known for his wonderful book design, but I can assure you that everything he touches is turned into gold.
What I really like about his work and style, is that he's not afraid of colours, patterns, maximalism and layering. Not only is he not afraid, he is THE master of fine details, special printing effects and a choice of ultrafine paper. And he follows his heart without compromise.
His book covers are true masterpieces, he gives them back that antique scented, noble value they once used to have.
Tomaž is also responsible for my fantastic portfolio, exactly the one that got me to the finals of International Talent Support. I am still thankful today that he stopped me from sending that piece of crap I originally wanted to send.
Lately he's been collecting awards for his unique designs worldwide, Moscow, New York,Monaco...In Slovenia, of course,the jury is less appreciative. Like with everything else, people who stand out with their exquisite talent, are not liked by others much. Minimal swiss design is sacred here. Well, this might change one day, when the old farts retire.
I announce proudly that Tomaž is being hired again. For my new portfolio, business cards, invitations for Marta&DP exhibition... He's gonna have a lifetime job with me, heheh.


  1. I adore! Hey I want those business cards too, you know - from left overs ;)))

    In Tomaž we trust!!

  2. as long as we purchase enough of cashmeere, we'll both have enough, darling!

  3. brez krčmarja ni denarja. martica lepo, da si vrnila med zdrave, krtek pa med trezne. :)
    slismo, da zmenmo.

  4. krtek je skoz trezen, kaj to govoris?;)

  5. :D jst mel te knjige sam zarad naslovnic... vedno k pridem v knjigarno jih valam po rokah, ampak nikol ne kupim, ker ni vsebine, ki bi mi prijala... a se da kupt sam ovitke? :D

    Davorka... how was the meeting :D cmok*

  6. jakob, to niso ravno knjige za na plazo;)
    so zelo resne, ti priporocam toplo divji moski knjigo, ker je to biblija za moske.,)

    the meeting was fantastic! i think we have a concept and izvedba done.