Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wonderful world out there

I have received an email from this guy. Slovenian, who lives between Luxemburg and London and has finished MA at Central Saint Martins.
He has really made my day the other day (and Marta's too as he's send an email to both);).
He doesn't know me at all, but he has made an effort to tell us he likes our work and assured me " I think you shouldn't have any problems with acceptance to CSM."

Did I already mention he creates wonderful laces? Please, do check him out here!

lace art by tricikel


  1. Unbelievable, really. I have never seen anything like this.

  2. vau! and this guy lives in luxembourg as well? i really hope i get to see his work exhibited here.

  3. lili, mogoce bi se pa morala nakonektati, poišči ga na facebooku :)))

    čipkice zmagajo, kar vse bi jih mela.

  4. No, čudovite čipke so resda njegova zamisel, pridno pa jih kleklja njegova babica, ki živi v Žireh!

  5. bravo za babico, samo nekdo pa mora prinesti idejo.

  6. OMG...may his grandma live ever after..kdaj bo aktiviral on-line shop, je bela cesta????

    Hvala Davorka, he made my day as well...:))

  7. you're most welcome nina;)
    upam da kmalu:))