Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Goths, ravens, widows and diplomas

I am flying on the wings of happiness!
I went to see my art tutor/diploma mentor to ask for a letter of recomendation and to discuss my diploma work which has been half done and postponed for a few years... Of course I went there with a dumpling in my throat (that's a direct translation:)) and heavy weight on my chest. I have always been intimidated by my professors, particularly the old school, and especially when I showed up after such a long time. Luckily my mentor is a great chick who has no desire to fulfill my intimidation fantasies. As soon as I appeared she congratulated me for my work and mentioned how she keeps hearing of my success. When I showed her my latest collection, her jaw hit the floor!! I then began apologising and explaining the delay in completing my diploma but she stopped me in the middle of my staged breakdown and said: Davorka, I don't mind when my students work outside uni, but I do mind when they are lazy and don't do anything afterwards. I am really looking forward to working with you because what you just showed me is of superb quality and I know it will be a fabulous diploma!
She really liked the concept of Marta's and my exhibition, and she is gonna help me to push it even further.
Life is beautiful again. And I have got a new drive for working...and finishing.:))


  1. yayyyyyy :D zdej se pejt pa še z mojo mentorco zment :D haha...

    a si kdaj dvomla dav honey? i didn't...


  2. a jo je treba sarmirati z kakim design piecom ali plain behaviour?;)))