Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Just came across a post on DP's blog (the other DP:)) about my fellow finalist from ITS 5.
Heaven Tanudiredja, a Jakarta born designer and a really sweet person, as far as I remember. His collection was one of my two favourite ones from the final show (the other one was Aitor's).
I remembered (well everyone did) his wonderful name, which really suits him. He was named Heaven by his grandmother.
Anyway, he's doing jewellery as well as fashion, and he's doing both with excellence.


  1. Nobene fotke ne vidim, ampak verjetno je to samo moj comp...

  2. hmmm, a to samo na tem postu ali se kje??
    ne bi smelo biti problemov, bom se vprasala kake frende kako vidijo...:)

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