Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sneak preview

This is a quick preview of the semi-finished gown (one of the three) for Viktorji 2009. Please, do not get distracted by the ugly plastic bag in the background. Or the mess. You know that this is the studio of an artist, don't you? We like to call it the work in progress....;)
photo: Mushi


  1. Ljubiš črnino! :D Čakamo na "Zelena je nova črna" foro. :D

  2. bo tudi to, ko bom mela poln kurac crne grem na nasprotja....:)

  3. hehhe.... what? did you think I was not able to do such thing? ;) ;)

    moras jo videti na anini ritki, ker tole na lutki ni nicemur podobno...;)
    martica, ti mas tv doma ne? can i come over to watch viktorji..? ;)