Sunday, 15 March 2009

Slovenska Ritka 2009

I think I will be memorised from now on as the Slovenian Ritka designer.
Ana Dolinar was stage-wised absolutely the most glam (no, I will not be modest, sorry). I will leave more braging up to her in the following video. ;)
I want to thank Tinka Pobalinka for waking up (;)), and creating the fantastic make-up and hair for Ana Dolinar and Ula Furlan. Tinka, you rock girl, and I love you!
Both girls were extremely gorgeous, I totally loved spending the whole afternoon with them, (although I haven't slept at all- first K4 party, then MB Pekarna, and then straight back to work, with minor technical incidents while trying to get in touch and wake up Tinka). ;) Yes, we are the real party people here.
I almost ended up going to Viki's myself, with Ula, but I was too fucked up and wasted to play this game. And I had nothing to wear (if you believe me, ha!).

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