Sunday, 8 March 2009

Where the wild asparagus grow...(the art of spending sunday)

The day started with a strong India Monsooned Malabar. Then, a quick lift with Mushi's space-shuttle to Kras. To the wild asparagus kingdom. But we were 2 weeks early, so we ended up changing our plans...
We had to think about it deeply... while we did that, we became seriously hungry...

Mu, one thing lead to another...
We ended up in a hidden little place called Majerija. Where they treated us like kings with the aroma of burja and the sun. We took off with pumpkin soup with grated dryfried almonds...
continued with homemade ravioli stuffed with asparagus and goat cheese, topped with black sesame seeds...
Vipavski mlinci (grandma style) in broccoli/stirfried pancetta topping
Dandelion salad with potato and cracklings (ocvirki for the hommies)
and mmmmmmmm.... lamb cutlets in rosemary/garlic sauce with baked potatoes and peas

more pigging out on "only for happy lovers" strawberries with homemade pistachio and vanilla ice cream....
chocolate foam with pineapple, basil and red orange sorbet....kapa dol, master Matej Tomažič
the day was well spent and this is the look from Majerija's window
God we love Primorska! (we hate to leave it for Ljubljana too)
We also bought Majerija homemade goodies: Roženkraut and elder blossom syrup, olive oil, raspberry liquer...but we forgot to take plum and raspberry vinegar. Damn! We'll have to rush back sometime real soon. Did I mention that Majerija completely changes the menu every 2 months?


  1. mljask mljask,
    tak sončni zahod sem gledala tudi jaz iz spaja v hotelu Bernardin v 9. nadstropju, iz bazena.
    Ampak tako dobro pa nisem jedla za dan žena kot ti.
    Teja, Dejan in Ruben

  2. uuuuu, srecnica! ;=)
    jaz sem bila samo v spaju v palace hotelu, tut fajn plac.
    za hrano ti pa res priporocam majerijo, ena od boljsih gostiln v drzavi...dejan, nujno peljati druzinico tja;)

  3. you're making me homesick.

  4. mmmmm jaaa tudi jaz ratujem lacna ta hip! bi sla kar nazaj takoj...:)