Friday, 27 March 2009

Klik Sof Ab Fab Jonty Scrufffy Portoroz

I know I've been slack lately with my blog writing. Hell, I've been ignoring it completely. Last night at klik#sof in Kempinski Palace a couple of people reminded me of my blog. (saj res!) My Muse today screamed at me through the phone: Are you alive, genijalka? WTF happened to your blog?!!
It surely made me think about it. It made me even write about it. ;) At least to make sure I am not dead yet.
I guess it's just a period. Even my fellow blogger stopped the regular posting. (WTF Zadeta?;)
Now as I am detoxing myself on homemade veggie soup from last night's free cocktails, free absint and some strange unidentified drinks... (I am so bad with refusing the free drinks, I am a real sinner, mea culpa) I was a tipsy hoe and I liked it. ;)
Anyway, the party was great. Kempinski palace is o moj bog so gorgeous, with the lighting and all. The only thing I can bitch about was that they put Jonty to start playing at 4 AM. Before him there was some blonde hoe torturing us with dreadful house from 10 years ago. I mean, you bring a wonderful DJ star from London, you were suppose to let him play at the highlight of the party. Not afterparty. But I guess, the blonde hoe didn't wanna let go, and she was so high up at the balcony, she didn't see our grumpy faces.
I saw some old friends, met some new friends, mingled, got business proposals (by the way, Jonty could not resist my feathers and lace), I even met my fan from facebook. I am always very surprized when they aproach me. And flattered too. ;) Got some orders from the blogorola boys (I will give you a group discount if you make a large order;)) Overall a pretty good night.
And many thanks to Mushi who decided to be a driver for the princess without a ride. Mushi rocks. <3
photo: MartaL


  1. Sam da so bli "business proposals" :D

  2. I really made my day when I saw at the huge twitter board that "a miracle just happened, i'm coming to the party #klik" :))

    Photos soon on the way :D

  3. ja, super je blo - fajn da vama je uspelo priti. Link do video posnetkov:

  4. komi cakam fotke, pa upam da se pred naslednjo savno:)