Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Stuffed zoo in Mario's sunday show

Ula came with 10 people this morning. The director, the assistants, make-up artist.... It would all stay nice and decent, but when the director spotted the zoo... I knew it wouldn't be that easy. Of course, we had to create the whole fashion show with Ula and my dead darlings.
I've been told that Mario is quite a conservative tv show. Well I'm sure that my zoo will spice up the sunday evening of many slovenian families.


  1. heylo!

    i am back from amsterdam, when will we be meeting for the h-amazing course of DIY screen printing? :)

    and congrats about the zoo, i see things are really kicking!

    you know what they say... good things happen to good people!

  2. darling, did you prepare things for korekture? ;)

    i have u in my mind, but I'm running out of time, have shitloads to do 4 viktorji...only one week to go...rrr

  3. ill hear from you next week then when you finish with everything, and you can come visit me in my 100m2 terrace apartment :)

  4. Mario je stisnu rep med noge ;)

  5. no zoo !!!!
    sam davorka in ula