Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Widows and Soldiers in the april issue of W25 Magazine

Martica just woke me up. At 12.30h (WTF? is a question to myself :) With awesome news. Sorry Martica, for me not acting the way I usually would (screaming out loud, heheh), I first needed a coffee to come to my sense. I scream now.
Our fashion story is published in W25 Magazine, a nontraditional publication dedicated to streching the boundaries od selfexpression in photography, illustration etc. available online and in printed version.
I realized this very moment that actually, we are on the cover of this issue too!!!!! Goodness, I better slurp my Ethiopia real fast!
Click here for the link and check out the whole issue.


  1. jupiiiiiiiiii...
    p.s.: woke you up at 12.30? Kaj pa vstajanje zgodaj zjutraj? ccccc

  2. exactly! ;)
    ne vem kaj mi je blo, mogoce me je savna vceraj zdelala....preslisala sem vse alarme..
    drugace pa vceri sem pa ob pol 8 bla ze pokonci...;)

  3. Pravkar sem se zavedla, da je to prva objava v international reviji in to kar takoj na polno :)

    Bravisimoooooooo, DP crew!!!!

  4. pikica, zakaj ne morem odpreti tvojega bloga??
    ;)sm hotla komentirati pa ne morem odpreti...

    hja, crew pa itak zmaga ne? ;)it was just a question of time!! ;)

  5. hvala;)
    zdej pa nujno coffee date, I will stop promising and I will just call you!

  6. Just what you deserved, both of you. :-)