Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Visit to Shambala & screaming little demons incident

Shambala is a great new thai/vietnamese restaurant at Križevniška 12. Great ambient, you eat in the atrium under the skylight and the food is really delicious. I tried 2/3 of the menu so far, and I recomend everything with pleasure: coconut soups, vietnamese rolls with fresh thai basil, coriander and shrimps, yummie tempura veggies, mango salad, coconut strjenka with mango pulp.... Except for the shambala steak which is suppose to be marinated in lemongrass but I did not sense any. Nevertheless the steak itself was prepared wonderfully. And the staff is really cool (and good looking too, girls;)) The only thing is to be careful with is their wine chart: great choice, but quite expensive. They also keep a good selection of green teas from Čajna hiša.
My second visit to this enjoyable place was disgustingly interrupted by a two young couples with two screaming little demons who could not hold their bodily liquids. And I mean it literally. I do not understand some parents who drag their small demons to public places, in this case a restaurant with a very quiet atmosphere, and leave them to destroy everyones appetite. If you know your child is histerical or hyper-active, why not leaving it at home or with the grandma? But to let it crawl and run around and get constantly in a waiters way, to let it scream like it's been tortured and not do anything, just sit there and do nothing, while guests were forced to leave the place? How rude is this? Like this was not enough, the child shat himself, and the senseless mommy changed his diper (!!!???!!!) afront of all the guests, 2 tables away from mine, while I was just having my green curry.....and the toilete was like 3 meters away. Did I want to see the colour of his poo? No. It ruined my dinner and made me wanna grab that mommy by her neck and stirfry her face in Shambala's kitchen.


  1. mogoče bi jih mogla prisilt, da ti plačajo večerjo. hehe.

  2. sem razmisljala tudi o tem, samo me je jeza tko prevzela da sem bla bolj mascevalno razpolozena...;)

  3. guilty as charged. :) no, skoraj. res pa, da grem kdaj z brinito v restavracije, zlasti na počitnicah. štekam tvoj point of view, samo pomisli na to, da so tudi starši ljudje, ki bi radi kdaj jedli zunaj, pa ni vedno na razpolago babic, samih jih pa ne moremo pustiti.

  4. sej to cist razumem, samo mislim da bi ti brino lepse pedenala, itak pa se mi brina ne zdi prevec problematicna...
    in mislim da bi ti lili tudi sla na wc previjati, ne pa na oceh in nosovih vseh gostov...

  5. i think "coconut strjenka mit zem mango puplz' sounds delicious...howevah, with those demons around , smashing it into their tiny devlish buggar faces sounds quite delicious as may also aim the bead onto love caring dipper munching mommy for that matter !
    drugace pa vsekakor na spisku "a must obiskati" !
    a glede staffa si mislila good lookin za tipe al za zenske (v heteroseksualnem svetu) ?

  6. cwithe, no luck 4 you: zal delajo luskici (tipi)...;) vsakic (2x) ko sem bla me je vedno postregel drug, but sehr hud tipcek..:)

    other than that, I didn't think you have that evil side...:) you would do all that to the demons? next time I'm taking you with me..;)

  7. beh za staff :D

    where there's yin, theres also yang hehehe.

    and "OK with me" as for the rest ..::..