Friday, 12 December 2008

Where do we go from here?

Yesterday I couldn't write a single post. It was one of those days. Heavy. Where I started asking myself: Why am I doing this? Should I keep doing it? Nothing is moving forward, or at least it feels that way.. so why do I bother?
Maybe it was the Moon in Scorpio.....
And how do you tell a friend you love deeply, that he needs to change the direction of where he's going? When you see that current direction he's taking is wrong?
As a real firey aries with a strong sense for what is right and what is wrong, I can't help myself but say it out loud. Maybe I'm making a mistake, but..... I do feel obliged to interfere.
So I did. Result: successful.
Then my hubby dear Kate made me do creative work for her.
And like I said to my friend, creativity and hard work is always the answer.

Illustration: Yoshikazu Yamagata


  1. Thank You again, you did a thing that moved a lot in me ... and I feel much better and focused after those little talks with you and Kate *** :)

  2. Oh, the answer to your question on the subject:

    we go as high as it goes!!!

  3. martica moja, u and me will fly to the moon and beyond!
    u inspire me, i inspire is the great thing called friendship.