Friday, 5 December 2008

Fake or real?

Not so long ago a journalist from Trenja called me and asked me what I think about fur. I will say (write.. khm) this out loud, so I don't ever have to go into the tv- studio. The air there is quite stuffy and who knows, I might not like the other guests on the show ( since I don't possess any diplomatic skills, I'd rather skip).

Well, I am AGAINST the real fur!
Once and for all. Not just because of the animal cruelty, I am against the all kinds of cruelties, but because you can show your good taste and status in other ways.
For example, you can buy DP's clothes. She's got plenty of fake fur details in her latest collection.

The other reason is that modern technology is so developed that you can get really fantastic exact copy of any kind of animal fur, so why bother killing them?
But I also dislike those who are really judgmental and agressive to people who do not follow their stop-animal-cruelty beliefs. One fact for the agressive ones: Textile industy (here I mean specially the Poliester and other Poly-.... textiles) is one of the two most polluting industries in the world!

So please think about it, the next time you buy yourself a new pair of "artificial leather" shoes.
Or the next time you attack the old grandma on the street because she's wearing a fox.


  1. sm tole je pa mal nasprotujoče...glede na to da maš v dnevni sobi mini nagačen do you think little bamby died? ;)

  2. to je drgac,moj nagacen zoo je samo temporary, for the sake of art:)

    ko koncam z fotkanjem, grejo bambiji nazaj v miniteater in k daniju.:)

  3. but they will still be dead...

  4. yes they will but at least they will benefit:)

  5. well nina let me explain you these animals have to die because human changed natural environment soo much that there is no balance, so there all the beasts that would naturaly feast on bambys and others, are almost extinct so humans have to intervene or there will soon be no forests because bambys feast on young forest in short that is all that i want to say, im gozdni and im little drunk now.

  6. good point, davorka. pa naj pripomnem - teb pa sede tole pisanje, ane? zelo slastno te je brat, ceprav te komi dohajam, haha. well done, girl!


  7. hhehehhhe manca, thank you!;)

    je kr fajn tale ventilcek....:)

  8. I thank Nina for initiating the discussion. I like that we consider why we are accepting things and rejecting things. Thank you Erik for clarifying some forest facts. Being drunk has not lessened the importance of your points.

  9. I agree Kate, It's nice to have a new point of light of these events we should start a campaign "kill the forest"