Friday, 12 December 2008

Will you crack my nuts?

I am good with hand jobs....

Clothes & styling: DP, photo: Marta Lamovšek, makeup: Tinka Pobalinka, model: Ali The Marketa, assistant & location manager: Erik Vidmar, 2nd assistant: Nina Vidrih


  1. Hahahahahaaaaaaa, objavile sva isto fotko!!! Pač imava isti okus :)

  2. in your new collection I see just a copy of DegenerotikaClothing.also in make up.nothing new.nothing special.
    You had your own unique style before that.

  3. ah...pikica ignoriraj tole...ker nova kolekcija ni kopija ničesar in je velik boljša od prejšnjih...

  4. well anonymus black clothes does not mean that they are a copy of Degenerotika or Garevski for the matter of fact. Davorka is still unique regarding the materials, prints, patterns... And yes DP and Degenerotika share the same taste for models, she (Ali The Marketa) is the best.

  5. anonymus,I think that Miss Degenerotika would agree with me on the fact that I disagree with you.

  6. uuuu, ane anonimnež/ica : kako je zasmrdelo po pravi, avtohtoni, tako lepo opevani slovenski zavisti :D

  7. That's mine opinion..its not about models or materials or black colours. not special doesnt mean not good.

  8. anonymus, why do you write in bad english?

  9. Dear anonymous, you obviusly think you know a lot about fashion...but you have to be more accurate with your comments because you obviusly did not look good enough at the clothes. The fact that Davorka's collection is black, as most of degenerotika's clothes it doesn't mean that the clothes are the same. Degenerotika clothes are inspired by fetishism, dadaism, surrealism ... while Davorka took her inspiration out of army uniforms, victorian era dresses and silhouettes. The stress is on the silhouette which is usually oversized. There are a lot of folds, plaits and pleats which modify the natural body curves. Degenerotika clothes use totally different approach. Although there are some volumes, the emphasis is on the silhouette of the body. The collection is more based on choose of materials, modifying textures and surfaces. Davorka also creates all the patterns by herself and she prints it on the textile by silkscreen technique. Her materials are silk, wool, satin and other precious fabrics, which cannot be compared with latex, syntethics and more rough and stiff materials which are commonly used by Degenerotika. There's much more I could tell you about the differences between the two creators. I like clothes by both of them... and there are of course some common details between both of them... after all... fashion designers are not inventing hot water... almost everything has already been seen...somewhere, some way... but it's the whole image ...the story behind the clothes... which is unique and original and which make them special. But to see that you have to see behind the first impression: long eyelashes, dark eyes and same sexy model... next time take some time and look better at the photos before judging...

  10. now this is a fine example of constructive criticism.
    Thank you, neli, for this lovely explanation of the collection differences...

  11. Everybody should have their one option!
    (even anonymous)
    I think your stile is getting more and more unique.
    even I do not agree whit anonymous (and actually love you collection)
    I believe is not easy to be an artist because you always meet some people that wouldn't like what are you doing or creating...
    I suggest to full-fill you ego!!!
    ...and again great stuff...

  12. thank you ana.
    I am aware of this too, there's many poeple who don't like my style, but also many who do.
    but it is not the reason why I design the way I do.I do it because I feel I should do it, exactly the way I do it. I believe I'm on a good path, and I won't stop doing it.:)
    that is the only way that an artist can grow in his own work, by listening his heart and working hard. that way you evolve...