Monday, 8 December 2008

Vegan star

There is still a lot of you vegans and non-dairy consumers who do not know about this little machine.
It looks like a jar and it gives you fresh soya milk in 15 min. Not only soya milk, but all kinds of milk: oat, rice, almond, haselnuts, sesame,..... even cannabis sativa milk. You can make tofu too.
I bought it in Maximarket and it was definitely the best purchase in years.
I make myself a nice fresh soya latte every morning ever since.


  1. Was that a call for Ali Mlekarica photo? ;))

  2. so, how does this thing work, actually?

  3. namocis sojo cez noc, das zjutri v masinco, nalijes 1/5 l vode in pritisnes gumb. cez 15 min mas mleko.

  4. and she lived happily ever after...

    with lots of vegan milk! :)

    fabulous fabulous davorka.... u r a blog posting MACHINE!


  5. What she meant to say as that every morning hubby makes her a soya latte.
    xhubby aka kate