Thursday, 4 December 2008

How I met Marta Lamovšek

We were seducing each other on the dancefloor in our favourite basement. Ended up passionately kissing and making out in the backstage... This sexy game continued on and on in our craziest party times, in the golden age of breakbeat, when Electricutes rocked the country. I miss those times.
I don't concider myself a lesbian nor bisexual, ( I would say I experiment), but I do get attracted to someone because of the powerful energy. And Marta has it plenty.
She is one of the sexiest women I met, if not the sexiest one. Fuck Cameron Diaz, Marta is much hotter!

As time passed, our sexual attraction grew into firm friendship and then into successful collaboration. Now I cannot even imagine working with anyone else than Marta. When we work together, it never feels like work. We play, and while we play we get totally high on the excitement and the visual outcome. Actually, when I think about it, it is sex what we have. We have a loooong looooong foreplay during the photoshoot and it always ends up with our simultaneous orgasm.

I love Marta.

photo by Metka L., dress by DP


  1. *bluuuuuuush* ;)

    Darling, now everybody will find out I'm only hanging out & working with people who are extremely hot and who possess powerful sexual energy! Shiiiiiiit ;)

    I'd just be adding one tiny little detail to the last part of your post: that orgasm is multiple and just makes me more and more horny every time!!!


  2. So when you said you were trajsekšual it wasn't trisexual but trysexual :)

  3. gizdalin, only now You've realized that?,)

    marta, similar energies attract each other, we all know that...and yes, i agree with your last
    orgasmic part. :)

  4. okie... i didn't cumed jet... make it happend :-) lol...

    drgač sem si pa predstavljal da bo neki tazga... ja... sej dragč ne more bit... lol

  5. Callisto Satu, we are all in love with our marta!:)))

  6. Jakob, i hope you don't assume that has something to do with THE fact: I did come a few times in Crete ... it was not an earth movement, but still - orgasm is orgasm :))))

  7. jakob u will come the next time i dress u up!;)