Tuesday, 16 December 2008

D & M Team -Work

Today Marta and I had an interview for Siol.net. It will be pusblished at the end of this week.
It was quite fun, although I kept jumping into Marta's words ( I had so much to say, I remembered many things I forgot to mention when I spoke ). Sorry Martica. And thanks for pointing it out afterwards..:)
But we turned out to be a good team at the end. Bubbles all the way...
Of course. How could it be otherwise?:)


  1. Hahahahhaa, you know I'm very proud I did mention that - that's what real friends do, don't they? :) And remember YOU are the one who is teaching me this - being direct - so WE did quite some progress today in this matter :)

    And it was very fun indeed!!! And I was so much more relaxed because you were around and I did not feel so much presured like I have to express what we are doing all by myself, because - let's be honest - YOU are much much better with words than me, so I was enjoying listening to you more than listen to myself "um ammm ummm ;)) - and hey, you know me like your own pocket! Anyway - at the end of the day I think, no - I KNOW - I express myself best visualy, with photography :)


  2. darling, this seems to be my bad habit. even mushi said to me the same thing.
    So I'll try to work on myself more. ;)

    I was also more relaxed because you were there. it goes both ways..
    and we both express best visually, I don't really see myself as Jozica Brodaric..:)

  3. Mushi is - besides of the fact that he is helping all the trees in the country grows beautifuly, but olso you ... and me. Thank you Mushiiiii :)

    Jožica Brodarič? LOL I remember that name form somewhere ... from some other life :))

  4. mushiii I love! ;)
    cranky at the moment, but adorable.;)

  5. u2... amazing :D like always :D naslednjič se lahko po telefonu pogovorita :P haha

  6. pikica...at the end, ne on the end.:)

  7. ups....sem iz junzijevega računalnika komentirala...it was me...hehe

  8. pikica moja, hvala. bom takoj popravila.
    zdej ko je kate v australiji, bos ti moj chief editor :)

  9. Nina ti si pravi multipraktik: english lecture, teksti, video, assisting ... za kaj te še lahko ponucamo? ;)

  10. hehe Marta...baje tut masiram dobr...

  11. ko boš nehala skakat v besedo...hehehe

  12. LOL @ Jakobs comment!

    sam res.

    *pretending to be a journalist*

    -Davorka and Marta, lets clear something up: is your last photoshoot great or FANTASTIC?