Thursday, 4 December 2008

Rudi: the famous model

I fell in love with this porky little bugger as soon as I saw him.
(Did you happen to notice the amount and the lenght of his hair?)

He is going to be the star model along with Ali the Marketa, on my next photoshoot.

Unfortunately, I have only two weeks left to make Rudi a famous model, because then he's gonna be turned into sausages.
That makes me feel sad, because he is the cutest piglet I've ever seen.

photo: Erik Vidmar


  1. Oh my goddness!!!! Rudiiiii, he is having that legendary presence, you can see that form this wonderful photo allready!!

    Sunday sunday, i'm counting days ...

  2. Didn't know you also made a fat-camp-collection :P

  3. i have special lace gloves just for his trotters!

  4. prelepo prase! pigs are lovely, pork is gorgeous ...