Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Davorka's first public notification

After several days of lying in a coma (some really f***ing sick form of gastroenteritis- stomach flu in simple english), after many many months of zadetaodlajfa trying to persuade me to start blogging (thank you darling, see: I did it!), I decided to open this account as a person who's hopping on the modern technology bullet train with a pace of an unmotivated sloth.

That means I will be a real pain in the arse to my friend Jernej K and the already above mentioned zadetaodlajfa in the next following days, while trying to work out how to make my blog a true visual pleasure for all of you, my dear readers.

There will be lots of writing about fashion and food (and my hunger), two things that occupy my life on daily basis and this will be happening in mongrel english, mongrel slovene and mongrel croatian (yes, after 8 years of living in slovenia, my mother tounge became mongrel too). Sometimes all three of them happily and successfully mixed together. Sometimes less.
I will be writing about people who inspire me, my creative and crazy friends, and sometimes I will be writing about people who hurt my feelings with their really bad choice of clothing (often shoes). I will try not to be nasty to these, but I can't really promise anything. :)

Well, this will be it for introduction, now I'm off to have my first Santo Domingo soya latte...


  1. Davorka,

    sounds interesting and tasty! And your English is really nice!

    Welcome, love!

  2. Welcome aboard :-) Dare I say that it was about a time ;-)


  3. oooo...Marti je pa ratalo....bo meni tudi?

  4. nice to see you in the blogsphere my dear, i'm looking forward to some yummy reading, knowing you it can't be anything but that.
    plus, may i be an annoying teacher for a second? EXPENSIVE is written with an S not C. i normally would not mind but since it's your description of yourself, it should be perfect.:)
    love and kisses
    yours truly