Sunday, 28 December 2008

DP's fanclub on the way to Ljubljana...

It's always very flattering when people who I don't know, make an effort to contact me and tell me that they really like my work.
For example, I have a fan from Brussels, Tanja, who has found me through Marta's blog a while ago. She's sent me an e-mail and my first impression was that she's a slightly conservative business woman. Then we found each other on facebook, and finally I had the opportunity to see how my misterious fan looks like. She looks gorgeous, and according to her photos, she's a real party animal. (all her photos on facebook were party photos, heheh, I thought; yes, she is one of us!)
Then she came to Slovenia and finally we met. She said to me: Davorka, conservative business women are just not your clients!! Damn, she's so right!;)
We clicked imediately, laughed like crazy from the very first moment, and I believe we have started a nice friendship, not just customer/designer relationship.
This very moment she's sent me a message she's coming to see me, we're meeting on tuesday, first thing in the morning. Soya latte in my favourite coffee place, and THEN, my dear readers, I'm taking her to my textile heaven!!!! We will be rolling together in kilometers of ultra-fancy wool, silk, feathers and lace...mmmmm... my favourite game!!
I know tuesday it will be ab fab, pure exctasy rush!;) Can't wait!


  1. Wuuhuuu, I sence some orgasms here ... ;))

  2. Ha, ha, flattery will get you everywhere, darlin'!!! I have a feeling we'll be making loooots more trips to your textile heaven together, at least if you can put up with my control freak side! Next party's in BXL - and I'm not just talking about tupperware!


  3. ok, i except your offer!!;)
    and don't worry, you will soon soften up your control freak child inside...:)