Thursday, 4 December 2008

K4 club: my favourite basement

There is only one club in the whole country that deserves to be called a club. K4. It became legendary, not just because of the program, but because of the people who created the scene.
It's a place of crazy artists, musicians, DJs, designers, creative and open-minded folk.
I am lucky and proud to be one of them.
After Mikec and Nina took over the program and visual management, K4 became even better than ever and foreign star DJs put the club on their map of favourite visits.

I will always be loyal and faithful to this club, and I will always be working for it for free. ;)
(well, for a lifetime VIP pass)

This is the photo for the latest flyer design and the most recent collaboration that I stuck my little fingers into.

Interesting fact #1: the above photo is a product of croatian, slovenian, russian and australian creatives. And an austrian marmot. Stuffed.

Photography & art direction by Marta Lamovšek, clothes by Davorka Požgan, assistant of photographer Kate Hosking, models Saša Omerović & Anna Novikova & Svizec the Marmot


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. you forgot about a stuffed austrian

  3. he is a model you know so give him a proper respect and he work for free

  4. I didn't know that I'm so famous :)

  5. @Janez Mikec: not u silly:)
    but u can become famous if u end up going regularly to k4...:)

  6. hey but you charged us for our :zivotinjsko carstvo: thsirts :-) still the best tshirts we had made though so ill let it bee. but if you want to work for free (he he) or lets not call it that, we could do something similar for in to? and lifetime pest list is yours ok:-) (i wouldnt call that backstage or the delinquents that occupy it a VIP if i was you :-)

  7. where did u see any delinquents?:)

  8. is a good starting place - although these are the edited versions :-)