Friday, 12 December 2008

Glowing in the dark...

These photos were taken years ago in Koseze woods around midnight. My dresses were printed with phosphorescent paint and the effect is what you see.
We were flashing the dresses with strong flashlights, then we were waiting for the light to fade out, while the time was set for really long time and the model was not suppose to move for 10 min..
The funny thing happened while we were flashing the lights: we managed to attract the frogs!
After a while Lili, the model was surounded by several frogs who were obviously attracted by the strong light that dresses gave away...
The whole scene looked really surreal and magical.....

Clothes & styling: DP, photo: Grega Strle, model: Lili Savić


  1. it seems like another lifetime to me

  2. Lili, mene bolj zanima kako si potem shendlala žabe? Jaz bi postala histerična :))

  3. martica, zabe so ble zelo mile v primerjavi z rudijem...:)

  4. lol :D vi ste nori :D i love it :D

  5. these dresses are awesome!

    and why did u stop coming to my blog? :( *sniff sob*

  6. darling, u should see them glowing while you wear them, it is crazy shit...imagine making love in the dark, dressed and glowing?

  7. I would make love to you if you would agree to some plastic surgery:)
    still you would have to pay me.

  8. why do you think I would make love to you?