Friday, 5 December 2008

I want THIS for Christmas!

When Wode is sprayed, a vibrant cobalt blue mist appears and settles on the skin or clothing.
Whether touched or not the Wode Paint begins to fade and within seconds or minutes dissappears completely leaving simply the scent behind.

The revolutionary Art Fragnance from Boudicca.

I hope it comes to slovenian shelves too. If not I will order it through the internet.


  1. this year you are making it easy on me


  3. je men junzee naredu v osnovni šoli....takrat sem bla še pridna punčka...sem prišla iz šole v beli srajčki in me je pošprical s tole tinto...jst pa v jok. hehe...ko sem odprla svoje histerično objokane učke je bla srajčica spet kristalno bela...hehe