Monday, 29 December 2008

Big thank you to my crew!

I woke up half dead today and I am still fighting against catching a huge cold. Or, I would rather say, pneumonia.
Shooting at Kras while the wind blows 27km/h (although it was super sunny, not even a single cloud), is not really a sensible thing to do. Probably we will never repeat it again. It is suicidal. And I know now why people put rocks on the roofs of their houses in Vipava valley.
I want to thank Ali, my goddess, for her bravery to endure the impossible conditions. She's something special, she truly is.
Mushi, our location manager, for putting up with us girls, driving us around...
Martica, for her unstoppable energy and a bottle of Jaegermeister.:)
Tinka, for other goodies ;)) and volvo creativeness...
Love you guys!
Promise will leave you alone untill summer collection.;)

photo: Marta Lamovšek, clothes&styling: DP, makeup&hair: Tinka Pobalinka, model: Ali the
Marketa, assistant&location manager:Erik Vidmar


  1. Darling, a windy photo on your way ...I'll be there soon as a wind;))