Saturday, 27 December 2008

The Glamour Goddess

At the end of each year there's a list of Red carpet- best dressed celebrities. This years people talk about Angelina, Charlize, Gwyneth, but I have only one name to say. And I think this name will be on the tip of my tounge for many many years to come...
Dita Von Teese.

Before the screening of "The Exchange" at the 61st Cannes Film Festival

The back of her wacky mermaid dress

For some girls, red is the only color for nails or lipstick.

"I'm not really interested in being on the best-dressed list. I like to be on the worst dressed too. It's a fantastic place to be, and I'm in good company if I'm there. I think they know the adventure of dressing, and I'm not concerned about what's going to make me be considered fashionable. The people I admire, such as John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier, are eccentrics. And they aren't trying to be like everyone else. We have a lot in common that way, and we know that what makes us different is what makes us good."

From her wedding with Marilyn Manson

A Playboy legend, queen of burlesque, a fetish and pin up model, an haute couture muse of many designers... Her unique taste and affinity for old-style lingerie are hard to ignore and, consequently, she has cultivated a huge following on the Internet and is in demand for several high-class gentleman's functions.

She never uses a styliste, she does her own make-up and dyes her naturally blonde hair black at home.


  1. jaz tudi!;)
    zame je ona kot marilyn monroe za mnoge druge...

  2. Loving Dita ... she's one of few that can be sexy, vulgar,classy and breathtaking at the same time!