Sunday, 28 December 2008

Happy birthday, Pikica

Pikica is my special special friend, an angel with a squirrel alter ego who lives (still) in garlic kingdom. ;)
We shared and collected nuts many times, we took part in the craziest journey of our single days (went for a week, came back after 2 months, and in between...I better keep it to ourselves!;), we spent many nights naked and sweaty (well, she was, mostly while ironing,heheh) in my nest.....
So many great moments, also some not so great, but overall I just want to say:
I love you, darling, and I am really happy to have you in my life!!!
Knowing that you will be reading these lines, I will anounce that I already have a present for you!
See you tomorrow.

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  1. Happy birthday, Ninčoka! Talking about really special Pikica - I love you too: ur a wonderful person to have around ... ENJOY ur DAY***