Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Fucked up and wasted or How I found more sugardaddies

Last night's Blogorola party was one of those nights where I go: God I love my friends!
Even though it was not the dirty, fat breakbeat night, the overall atmosphere was fantastic.
Cocktails were being poured in large quantities into our mouths, while Jamirko and Pier played all the disco evergreens from Thriller to Get into the groove and beyond.
I was wearing zebra from below my waist, and from the above I was a can-can dancer. (when my official photographer sobers up, I will publish a photo or two)
I can't recall when was the last time, or if there ever was such time, that we arrived at the party so early. (21h!) This means that only the weird ones were there, my urban tribe at this hour is still asleep and will come to k4 much much later. Which means that a horny vulture with cowboy hat immediately started to hit on all three of us, girls. Annoying, but who can blame him. At least he shows great taste for women.
Marta introduced me to all her collegues from Blogorola by saying: Davorka, this is my sugardaddy! I was happy too. :) Lately they come to me, without me even looking. ;)
Nice boys, specially a big guy Simon who I grooved with in the pool.
At the aforementioned "much much later" the tribe appeared. The love vibes went down in a crowded toilet and I can happily say that plans for this years New Year's Eve party are underway.....


  1. don't forget my birthday 3 days earlier....

  2. oh, what a night :D i finally out of bed now ;)

  3. The partee was really amazing!!! Proud of our 1 year old baby Blogorola :)

    oh, i looooove my friends, too... and my suggadaddies ;)

  4. sugardadiji so bli res vsi zelo kul, pozdravi jih vse. party pa tut, pocutila sem se skoraj tko kot na nasi novoletni notorious zabavi, emotional and loving..:9

    lov u all.

  5. davorka!
    u no can-can!