Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Things are getting more and more bizarre

By now you have all already realized that I'm a little crazy ho'.
I'm a visual tripper and I fall for the eccentric and odd. I share with Marta the obsession with wild (and domestic) animals, stuffed or not. If they are alive, it's even more fun.

Sunday's photoshoot in the pigsty was a big step forward for both of us, and now I'm afraid to think what's gonna be next...

When I saw this photo of Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter frying sausages for breakfast, I said: Oh yeaaaah!
Tales of the Unexpected
UK Vogue December 2008
Photographer: Tim Walker
Model: Karen Elson

Also with: Tim Burton, Helena Bonham-Carter, Dev Hynes, Georgia Jagger, Jamie Bell, Sophie Drake, Gareth Pugh, Jamie Campbell Bower, Peter Jensen, Alice Gibb, Aunt Sponge.


  1. the first two are really great

  2. is the Lj zoo our next stop? I might have connections there.

  3. yes, i think we could give it a go..

  4. the last tv photograph just made me visually come.

    now i realized- i was a visual virgin before that photo...