Saturday, 6 December 2008

I keep a small zoo in my living room

I got a badger, a marmot, a mother and a baby fox, two wild piglets (one of them without ears) and a zombie looking bambi.The marmot is the leader and the family favourite. He comes from Austria, precisely Grossglockner.
At first, when I got them, I couldnt do my morning yoga streches in the living room, because they looked at me with those eyes.... I definitely couldn't meditate and visualize golden flame in my third eye, because all my third eye could visualize was the animal spirit behing my head.
But then, as I played with them, took them on a little family day trips to Kras and Bohinj, I so got used to them and now I can't imagine the day they will go home to their "real" families.

The pictures from above are not from my living room, but from a jewellery exhibition (I think Belgium, not sure).

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